How do you keep yourself motivated and how do you keep yourself from being distracted?

Alina N.
My motivation is noticing the improvements I made in my exercises, meditation, ect. It motivates myself with knowing this and that makes me better in any aspect of my life. I am always distracted by something but the best I do is get distracted but get right back to what your doing. Self care is the most important. Do what works for you, notice what, where, who and how, makes you better In every aspect of YOUR life.
Astrid Z.
Motivation is a feeling, you can’t relay on feeling keep creating strong habits and you will do great. Do it when you are motivated and do it when you are not.
Florent Q.
to keep motivated, I reward small wins (congratulate myself when I've done even one step towards my goal). When I'm not motivated, I remind myself that taking action is in itself inspiring. For example, doing a simple action like washing the dishes motivates me to take more action. To keep from being distracted, I remove external distractions when possible. Then It's up to me. If I do get distracted, I try to smile and start again. If I beat myself up, I am less likely to try again. Everyone gets distracted, so may as well get back on task without wasting time regretting the distraction. Best of luck 🙂
Silje G.
I try to stay grounded with good intentions, usually keeping the people around me in my thoughts for their well being. And also trying to make sure that everyday, even if it’s 15 minutes, I’m trying to dedicate time to something I’m passionate about.
Oceano N.
I minimise the chance of getting distracted by using tools that limit my access to distractions. I have a separate laptop for work and an app on my phone that disabled things like games from being opened during times I set.
Baptiste O.
Having goals and visualizing my life having achieved those goals keeps me motivated. I want to be healthy, feel good and maintain my weight and size. Eating healthy keeps me energized and balanced.
Sandro Z.
I put away electronic devices that are not related to my focus. And I’ll do a focus meditation to settle my mind down and slow myself down too. And after that I’ll be able to continue my work. If I got really distracted that means I’m tired and I need a little break away from my work.
Theodore Y.
Have a healthy routine for body and mind to start first in the morning to keep self motivated. Distraction always are presented themselves, so practice self awareness to acknowledge the obstacles, deep breath, change environment or physiology to stay back on track.