Do you listen to anything(music) while meditating? If yes, what’s your favorite song/genre? I’d like to know :)

Agathe Q.
Not really as i like to listen to guided mediatations, my favourites being from boho beautiful. I will put piano music on when doing meditative yoga (yin yoga) from soul of wind. They also have piano music with other instruments (e.g. violin) and also natute (e.g. rain) which I find really relaxing.
Marika E.
I usually practice in silence, but sometimes listen to a guided mindfulness meditation exercise to help direct my practice. There are a lot of great free ones on !
Terri Q.
I like to go on my playlist made specifically for meditation, it consists of music that contains nature and relaxation sounds
Sandii F.
Something low tempo, but…chirpy, if that makes sense. A cover from Daniela Andrade is usually chill. Avicii's Wake Me Up is a good one for the morning though 😉
Lia J.
Ok so I listen to instrumental music that are calm and relaxing. Especially one that is called "Soul Stories2 | Epic Viola Orcherstral" which is calm but gives this sorta detemernination vibes?
Like it makes me feel like I'm on a quest, and under training so I must remain focused. I know it's childish but hey, I like it 😂
Caylee N.
I personally don’t. I prefer a guided meditation which is usually a voice with some very quiet music in the back. If I listen to music while I meditate I will get distracted and start singing or something. I enjoy the meditations provided for free from fabulous. If I were to pick music I would pick the genre Lofi I don’t enjoy nature sounds and songs with words distract me so lofi is the perfect in between
Emory F.
I do! I like to listen to Sean Angus Watson's album, If I'm Gonna See You. Very nice electric with no vocals. My all time favorite artist though is Mumford & Sons
Dianne U.
i love peaceful calming music. when i meditate it helps me release stress and calm my nerves so i love to listen to calming music while i meditate