What meditation method do you use? And what time of day do you meditate? For how long?

Mathias N.
I use Simple Habit. I usually do it when I wake up or sometime in the night before I go to sleep. But anyone during the day if I haven't done it yet works.
Yalin F.
I like to meditate in the mornings right after I wake up. I use headspace and do it for 15 minutes. But I started with 10 mins.
Rh P.
I probably should meditate more than I already have. I only meditate 5 minutes per day in the evening before journaling time. And the meditation is with the fabulous app, on the stoic series. After finishing the recording, I wrote down reflections in the journal. I am supposed to do this for 22 days continuously, and it is day 7 now.

In addition to this, I may add one in the morning after getting up.

Samantha J.
I use guided meditation. I usually like doing it in the morning and at night. In the morning usually for 5 -10 minutes and at night until i fall asleep.
Benjamin U.
I usually use the Calm app and do the daily calm meditation. It lasts 10 minutes and is meant to be done in the morning.
Najee O.
Aftwe performing Nerve Fiber Building exercises just lay down and feel the energy move on its own. Twice a day in the morning and evening