When I try to meditate during the day I struggle to close my eyes, they get irritated because it isn’t dark enough. It becomes distracting also. There’s too much going on in the evening so want to be able to do it during the day when it’s quiet. Does anyone have any tips for closing my eyes during the day in a restful way?

Rainforest N.
I’d recommend having a dedicated area and time for meditation.
If it’s too bright – perhaps wear a sleep mask, or grab some blackout curtains.
I’d suggest getting some candles (of your favourite smells) and some plants – anything that relaxes you really.
Make sure your comfortable, sit on a pillow
Wear warm clothes- nice position.

For example- I like to sit cross legged on a cushion against a wall, late at night (11pm), with fake candles and plants, on a stool in front of me, I wear my pyjamas and use this apps guides for mediation

I hope this helps, I’ve sort of rambled 😂