Is meditation better in the morning rather than night? In the past I did it before bed but is it better to start my morning with meditation or end with it?

Abdul R.
I think it’s better in the night because it helps you relax more and gets you in the shape to go to bed. Rather in the morning you’ll feel relaxed more than ever so that won’t really wake you up when you most certainly need to at times.
Elissa T.
I honestly really love to do both because it helps me start my day positive but also end my day with gratitude and helps me sleep, but if I had to choose one I would go with at the start of the day
Ylenia Z.
I don’t know. I think it depends. I preferred to meditate before go to sleep to send away all the stress. But for some people is better in the morning for start better the day
Babydoll Q.
I usually feel tired and relaxed after meditating, so it's best for me to do them at night. I mainly meditate anyway, because it helps me fall asleep. If I did it in the morning, it would probably make me more tired than I already am at that time. I also have more time in the evening.
Timothee Y.
I prefer to start my day with meditation. It helps me to stay calm during the day. It is also better to do it in the morning because it helps you wake up easier 🙂