I haven’t been able to start doing my 3 days exercises challenge. Even with Fabulous’s help. Any suggestions on how to motivate myself to start?

Katie Clark
I too had a problem to start the exercise challenge, then I read somewhere that the best course of action is not an affirmation sentence, but rather an affirmation question, where the answer is “no” and will motivate you.
I used to ask myself “will I break and fail to do some exercise today?”

Another way is to do very small steps toward the goal, then you’ll get dopamine rewards and you’ll get rolling. I.e: Start by standing up (victory 1) then get dressed (victory 2) then just go to the door (victory 3), then open it, then get outside… and continue until you actually get to the exercise bit.

Hope that helps

Jules Arnaud
Don't be too extreme with what exercise you want to do. Try find something you really want to do, that encourages you. E. G. When you wake up, you'll play your favorite song and move to it. Or you go play with your dog first thing in the morning. Exercise shouldn't feel like a chore, it should be something that makes you feel good and makes you happy

Jorge Gutierrez
Start tiny, and just start. Find a gateway activity; mine has been a 4-minute yoga sun salutation. Once you've got something small, build on it.

Nellie Hicks
Wow I'm the same situation I can't get motivated really crazy I don't know what happened I was doing fine every morning looking forward to doing this every morning and then like last week it just keep trying to get me to do it so let's get back on track

Savannah Sims
You have to really dig deep and ask yourself why am I doing this. Why pay for an app to help you and waste your money. Look in the mirror and tell yourself " You will see this through!" stay strong! Don't give up!

Arcanjo Barbosa
I signed up to a cross fit 8 week boot camp challenge. It was the kick start I needed as I was inexperienced and anxious.

August Sperlich
Start with the easiest exercise. They suggest a 4 minute routine which is super easy and finished in no time. Then just do it the next 2 days, and see how you feel. You can definitely spare 4 mins 🙂

Maritis Nascimento
It is about choosing between what you want and what you want more.

Slow progress is better than none and one step at a time wins against coach time.

Ezio Richard
I really struggle as some of the stretches are hard. I have started by working through hamstrings,
Quads, shoulders and chest and am building up from there

Catherine Webb
Plan to exercise
Make it an excuse
Do some exercise or stretching when u catch yourself procrastinating
Each time u plan on exercising, try to different types of exercises that u consider fun & not really exercising to break up the usual (boring) routine in the traditional sense like swimming, yoga, etc.
Find a friend that’ll keep you accountable & Vice versa
Look on YouTube or ask around for different ideas to try new exercises

Fernando Washington
Start with stretching. I am never able to go to the gym. Going to the basement for recycling by stairs/stretching 5 mins watching a video/taking longer route to home is all I count as exercise. Its easier to start with things you already do (like recycling/walking home) just a bit extra. That helped me to start.

Mylan Simon
It feels really hard. I am thin and i dont feel really need it .But i want to concentrate and feel energize. So you should do it!

Amy Wood
Believing in myself, yourself, and to be gentle in not judging to harshly myself and getting angry or disappointed in myself. To forgive my procrastination and self imposed road blocks caused by “false evidence appearing real”-fear!

Angelita Barbosa
1. I had to make my habit lists short to start. I like going big, then I get overwhelmed. starting small is still a win every day.
I think learning to let yourself win
and feel your success is important.

2. I just started checking them off and finding myself more inspired and ambitious

Because when you finish the routine you get a nice inspiring message and I need a little help mothering myself.

Ronald Gonzalez
What worked for me was starting smaller. So small, it’s ridiculous. Like doing one standing stretch. It helped me start and establish the habit. And naturally over time it grows into doing hour long sessions that I actually want to do!

Eddie Bowman
Incorporate it into something you are already doing. When I started I would get off a stop early for work or park the car the street over. Make sure you start small, even 5 star jumps, 5 push ups and 5 sit upsto start with. I know it may not seem like much but it's about doing something, anything on those days. Look to see if there is something you like doing that you can just do more of versus something you have to go out of your way for, like the gym for example.

Ilan Clement
Do small, easy exercise. Just get it going. Can be 5 push ups. Once the habit kicks in, can add more later. I started with that, now I do 5 sets of 10 push ups every day.

Francelina Vieira
Start your day off by drinking water and setting an alarm clock night before to get up early and then you will feel motivated to move even if it is just to stretch then sart off with astrectch and you and you can then moveinto the exercise routine

Wiltrud Schreyer
How about you play your favourite music during the session, or get a new item of clothing to wear while exercising (it doesn’t have to be expensive). Remember, it’s your choice – you don’t to do this exercise. You could also bear in mind all the evidence that exercise is VERY beneficial.

Lauriana Moraes
Find an accountability partner. Maybe a family member or a friend who can either do it with you or make you do it. Or set up a rewards system that if you do I you can buy yourself something etc.