What is your best meditation advice for beginners like me?

Marjorie S.
Start with short sessions 3 minutes and gradually increase to 5, 10, 15 minutes. Don’t meditate late at night as it will be harder to stay awake. Always find a nice quiet spot where you know you will not be interrupted. If your mind wanders – it’s ok. Just acknowledge the fact and gently bring your attention back to your breath.
J Nior Q.
Start small, consistency is more important than length. Length will come with more experience. Mix it up, try different types of meditations especially while you are first starting. Be easy on yourself, it's not easy, but it is worth the effort.
Irina Z.
Use a meditation app (headspace, calm, meditation oasis, etc.) and start for a short period of time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!
Anton F.
It may be hard to keep still but you kinda have to make yourself, after like the third time it becomes relaxing. Make sure you are comfortable and in a quiet area too!
Kirk E.
Don’t be hard on yourself everything starts with training wheels. I have trouble not thinking while I meditate, then I learned that’s no what it’s about it’s about understanding that your mind thinks regardless of what your trying to do. So with meditation you learn to accept what ever you mind or body is feeling and acknowledge it don’t fight it or criticize it just acknowledge and tell yourself to go back to your breath and continue. As you will notice over time you will be a lot clearer minded once you keep doing that.
Brandy B.
Sit, fokus in your heart, eventyally fold your palms into preaching position in front of your heart. Gradually increase duration from time to time. Be gentle to yourself. Improvment is going on no matter what.
Zeida P.
I got a meditation cushion and it helps me in two ways. First, my hips are not flexible enough to sit for more than a few minutes, the cushion helps so I don’t have to focus on re-adjusting my posture. Second, it is a trigger. When I bring it out, my body starts getting ready to relax and meditate. Best purchase ever.
Rose S.
I think it's important to start to blank your mind, something that I usually make is to repeat a word in mi mind so I wont get distracted by anything else, it usually works for me, so when you can control that, you can star to work in having your mind totally blank
Valdir F.
Just find a time to sit down comfortably in the silence and start do the breathing exercise to let yourself relax for few minutes.
Eve Z.
Use the Headspace app for the free 10 session intro course! Then come back to the Fabulous app and continue to meditate but using the guided meditations they have here!
Nelson Q.
I do remember myself when i did have ssimilar problems as you have, now i do have them too, but because of meditation, I'm not being throw of the course that easily. I would start simply with breathing in begining and don't be worry about things going in your mind. What helps to be less distracted is to think in the 3rd person..being like a spectator all the time and reflecting everything you feel and stay in that feel and understand. Justbreathhe , think in 3rd person and don't worry about if you feel good or bad. Both are ok. Resistance becomw acceptance and everything is going to look much brighter for you! Lovely day
Zoey U.
Begin again. This was helpful for me the idea that every time I’m distracted by a thought or whatever and bring myself back to focusing on my breath or whatever my focus for meditation is, if I begin again, THATS meditating.
Melissa E.
For beginners I recommend just to focus on breathing with proper posture. Seems easy enough but to focus your attention on it for 5-15 minutes is harder than it sounds. Also to set a "sacred" spot for meditation/self improvement only! I sit on my rug in the middle of the room and have no lights on. Just sitting in darkness and silence. With the occasional candle for ambience. Do not overlook your environment when meditating because it effects you tremendously.
Juanita F.
Try an app! I felt uncomfortable leading myself but the soothing voices really help. I have Headspace and Peace. They have sessions for all kinds of activities, moods and feelings. I am trying a goal of 20 mins/day, 10 in the am and 10 in the pm.