How do you refocus when your mind wanders?

Jean P.
I don’t like big breakfasts, I very much prefer having a small breakfast and then having a snack some hours before lunch.
Fernanda E.
I concentrated on my breathing really gentle, or i try to anchor my self to a part of my body that i feel comfort, in my case my my heart finger and index one i put pressure on them for a bit then i focus on how my breathing feels in my body and mind calm. Not wondering.
Ashley Q.
It’s call notting. Acknowledging the thought and letting go. Not forcing to focus on what you want. Thing become clear when you release.
Khushi C.
I keep my phone on silent but still it disturbs so I keep it on sound but with everything close like I keep my net off so that there will be no distraction sometimes so….
Sky O.
I try to zone in on my breathing, a deliberate in through the nose, a two-second count, exhale through the nose, and initially I try to make it as "perfect" as possible, as though you could use the slow rhythm of my breathing to count time. After I feel as though I'm reasonably calm (sometimes I use 10 breaths as the metric), I visualize what I'd like to achieve and what I need to focus on, and try to carry over the same concerted attention to detail from the breathing exercise, allowing my breathing to slip from my focus as the image of what I'm trying to get done replaces it.

If breathing doesn't work, or you'd prefer a personal "trick" that works for me, when I close my eyes, I see, in the blackness, a white circle flashing in and out of existence, impossible to hone in on. I don't know that everyone does, maybe I just stared at the sun too long as a kid, but I like to try to define the perimeter of that circle, to follow it with my eyes still closed as though I'm Superman drawing a pair of circles with my heat vision. I pair this with breathing to clear my mind before moving forward.