Where do you focus your eyes when they are closed?

B R Nice S.
My eyes are closed so I'm not really focusing them on anything. I am still looking straight ahead when I open them back up. But I allow my mind to calm itself and relax. It really helps with my anxiety and gives me a better attitude for the day.

Alison E.
When I close my eyes I focus on a great future and present.
In the present of when I pass my SIE in mid June 2019 and on a present on when I get my $30k bonus check with a salary increase of 65k

Magnus T.
I don’t know until I feel my eyes are fixed. Then I move them a bit and relax them. After that it’s usually slightly lower than straight front

Christian J.
When i close my eyes I don’t focus my eyes. They rest. It’s like the eyelids bring them down to a cushion so I’m relaxing.

Olinto C.
I try not to focus them when they are closed. I try to go inside my head instead. I have a huge amount of floaters so if I focus when my eyes are closed, all I see are the floaters and it makes me anxious.

Daisy X.
When I close my eyes, they usually naturally find a place to go. If you don’t think about it, and you just close your eyes, it is normally the most comfortable. Although if I had to pick a specific direction in which I look with my eyes closed, it would be straight ahead since that is when the muscles around my eyes are fully relaxed.