When can I say that my meditation is working? How can I tell I am doing it right while I’m doing it?

Franz Josef F.
Meditation is not easy and make take awhile to master. That’s why it’s important to do it regularly and get practice. Most people will tell you you’ll know yourself that it’s working. Feeling relaxed, clear headed, focused on the moment are a few things that you may feel when as a result of meditation.
Phoebe E.
Hello. I can only speak for myself. For me, before I was a regular meditator, I never really felt relaxed. Ever. I had this undercurrent of nervousness that I was vaguely aware of. I started meditating with a group of meditators that a friend brought me to. I learned to take meditating seriously. To actually do it and trust the process.

To make a long story short, I noticed, gradually, over time, that I just felt better throughout my day. I noticed things more easily and I started to realize what being relaxed actually felt like. So for me-I know meditation is working because my body and mind quietly tell me so.

As for “doing it right” -there really is no “right” way. There’s lots of traditions and the inevitable set of rules some people try to force. You have to follow your own instincts here. And having a framework for your mind to start at, is important. Learning that beginning framework from a tradition you are drawn to is a good place to start. For me, I know I’m meditating deeply when I reach a place-that is just still, like sitting at the bottom of the ocean and watching everything go on above me, but I’m not involved. Just watching. Drifting. Calm.

Hope this helps 🙂

Boris X.
When you notice your mind wander and you can use a gentle and kind reminder to return to your breath and body. This is going to happen eith everyone so that means everyone can meditate. Personally I found waiting to see results caused me more stress so I just kept doing it with a non judgemental mind set and found it helped me in certain areas of my life.
Jane P.
Meditation doesn’t “work” … it just is, it’s just living there. The moment you try to assess how it’s working you’re lost.
Susie I.
I am not sure,still beginner,but I think one of the signs can be that you mind is more calm during the day and things flow more harmoniously.
Tammy P.
Meditation is a brain training to take control of your thoughts. Since the brain is a thought generating machine, meditation allows it to regulate and filter and quiet the excessive number of thoughts.
Every time you find yourself able to direct your thoughts or quiet your worries; know that your meditation is working…
Mary P.
It's hard to really know when a meditation is working, especially if it's something new. I like to structure the beginning of my meditations with a breathing exercise, inhaling while counting to 10, holding the breath and feeling the effects on my body to 10 seconds, and then slowly releasing the breath for a 10 second period. Rinse repeat. This allows me to feel my body relax and my mind to quiet as I settle into meditation. Slowly I feel my body loosen and my mind quiet, as I work through the exercise, and when I'm no longer bothered by aimless thoughts, and my body is almost weightless, I realize it's beginning to have an effect. Meditation isn't an instant gateway to peace, but a slow and involved process that takes practice. The key is finding a structure that works for you and making it routine until you leave the meditation feeling better than when you sat down.