Where is the ideal place to meditate?

Dena Z.
Your safe space, a place where you feel comfortable and cosy, but also practical.

It needs to be the same spot everyday, the same environment so that it becomes natural just to sit down and begin meditating by habit.

Tess O.
My first preference is for somewhere quiet, where I am alone. But one thing I’ve learned is that you can really meditate anywhere, anytime. The important thing is to be present in the moment and allow things to happen as they will.
Frederikke N.
It is at my home where i feel the most comfortable, on the sofa with the pillows around my body making me feel so relaxed and the slow quiet music in the background
Holly A.
It really depends on what you like. I found that personally, if I choose a spot that I really like and that is easy to reach, it will be easier for me to go there and actually meditate
Candice Y.
For me , the best place is in bed – laying down ready for sleep at night, or sitting up in bed to meditate first thing in the morning
Nuri M.
Somewhere quiet and with low lighting. I like sitting against the wall with a pillow for back support & diffusing some calming essential oils.
Magnus W.
I love meditating in my bedroom since I am almosg guaranteed privacy, quiet, and comfort. It ia possible to meditate anywhere, but finding a truly relaxing placr makes it much easier. If you like the outdoors like I do, you could also consider a local park or arboretum – or your backyard if that is accessible.
Sacha T.
I’ll say bedroom because that’s where you’ll get the most privacy. It also helps to do it either early morning or evening when the buzz of the day has died down
Eric J.
The ideal place to meditate is a place where’s you feel comfortable and can really enjoy what she around you. For example a room where you can’t see nature or you’re bedroom if it’s quiet.

I hope you find your ideal space 😊

Jose J.
Any place where you feel that you won't be interrupted is best. If you have several options, choose the space that you feel the most calm or have the best possibility to personalize it for your meditating. Creating a (portable) ritual worked well for me.
Silje C.
The best place to meditate is somewhere dark and quiet where there are no distractions. A place that is dedicated to meditation and not other things like sleeping or working or playing. Because space is limited, I have a corner of my bedroom which is dedicated to meditation. All I have is a blanket on the floor and a cushion on the blanket, that’s some people like setting up a little altar with objects to remind them of their focus or give them a particular energy .
Aneita C.
In a quiet area that is a mental “safe place,” whether it’s the floor of your bedroom or in nature. It should be a place where there are no distractions or loud noises.
Valentin Y.
The ideal place is where you believe is your sacred and safe place. In you bedroom, living room, restroom, backyard, patio, park, etc. Somewhere where you feel calm and at peace.
Duane Z.
For me the best place to meditate is my bedroom because I practice a kind of sacred feminine meditation which I relate very much with the feeling we have just when we are about to getting asleep, so I like staying in my bedroom
Ella C.
I enjoy metitating on my LoveSac bean bag chair. Among other things, it makes me feel like I'm floating while I meditate, which eliminates many of the things that pulls me out.