How do you find it possible to meditate every single day?

Johanne Z.
I haven't been meditating long enough to feel like I can answer this properly. But, as a beginner, I have been trying to do short meditations (5-10 min), especially before going to bed. I explore on YouTube and on Fabulous app, so I have some diversity when I need it. But I always enjoy repeating meditations so it can really sink in.

I would say, start small (in this case, start 'short'). You can spare 5 minutes. And maybe later you can spare a lot more time, as it became an intrinsic habit of your life.

P. S. : Oh, and if you miss one day, don't beat yourself up. And if you feel bad for it, the next day meditate on letting go of guilt!

Davide F.
Yes because it makes my mind at ease and it takes my mind off of what is troubling me in the first place. I like when my mind starts to drift away but it also makes me a little drowsy
Quinn F.
When I get out of the shower and I wait for my hair to dry a bit I meditate. It doesn’t work everyday but I do it at least every other day.