Does anybody use a meditation pillow? And do you meditate first thing in the morning or later?

Batista F.
I dont use a meditation pillow. Not sure what it is. And I meditate at night as part of my nightly ritual. Calms me and helps me sleep.
Laura W.
I don't use it. I'm star right tomorrow meditate first thing in the morning but since I have begin I usually do it at night
Jamie Y.
I don’t use a meditation pillow and I’ve never tried. I find it helpful to meditate at night because it clears your mind before bed. Plus I already have a lot on my morning schedule and it feels like too much to fit it in.
Maribel C.
Yes, I use a pillow filled with buckwheat. I like to meditate as soon as I wake up. A great Zen master said: "when you are tired, the enemy is tired"
Mia E.
I personally don't use one although I would like to try. I meditate in the evening to go reset my mind after a long day.
Bertram P.
I personally don’t use a meditation pillow, but in my opinion do whatever works for you.
I meditate whenever I feel the urge but I make sure I do it at least once a day. I don’t want to force myself into doing it. I just listen to my body and let it guide me
Debbie Z.
Yes I do use a meditation pillow. And I meditate in the morning as well as the evening. My meditations in the morning are usually between 10 and 15 minutes and in the evening there usually 20 minutes or more.
Katie J.
Yes! I use a meditation pillow, though a chair is perfectly good for meditation as well. I’ve been meditating for a few years, and can certainly say there’s nothing special about a meditation cushion or sitting cross legged. 🙂

I meditate right after I finish breakfast. I find I am sleepy if I try to meditate immediately upon waking up.

Sofia G.
I always use a pillow. It sets your hips above you knees and it takes the pressure from your lower back and avoid the numb feeling in your legs afterwards. I practice anytime,but mostly in the mornings of afternoon
Caroline Z.
I have never used a meditation pillow but I do meditate in the morning.It makes me feel energized and gives me a mental boost to get things done.