How do you make meditating easier?

Erotildes Q.
I meditate at night before bed and keep it on as I sleep. I also meditate before naps, etc. Always make sure you’re in a quiet and calm place, you’re
motivated, and you’re comfortable. I use apps for guided meditation (I currently use Slumber more than anything else) or I find guided meditations on things like Amazon Music, etc. Meditating can feel weird or uncomfortable at first, but one you build up the awareness of yourself and are able to flush away stressers and thoughts it’s a refreshing breeze. Good luck and I believe in you!
Alfredo Q.
I created my "shrine" making it welcome to sit in my bedroom and meditate. This is basically putting a pillow and lighting aroma candle. I try different types of meditation here or on YouTube watching Boho Beautiful (my favorite for yoga).
Paige J.
The challenge is remembering the trade off: a few minutes dedicated to not thinking about the world, rewarded by better energy and focus. When you have so much to do, you find it hard to believe that a few more minutes will make a difference.

If you are cutting down a tree, you must stop to sharpen the saw. Only a fool would begin with a dull blade; each pull of the blade makes you more a fool.

Vincent S.
I have found some favorite recorded guided meditations that I really like listening to. Then I “bundle” doing a meditation with 2 things I really like to do in the evening, which is change into some cozy soft pajamas and sit or lie down on my new bed with a soft comforter. It really is a good ending to my day.
Anna P.
Have a sanctuary. It could be a corner in your room, a spot on your balcony. A place comfortable, with fresh air, and no distraction. Do it regularly even for 2 minutes everyday. Get in the habit of taking a couple minutes there and make it precious.
Walter Z.
By making it a habit so it’s not something I have to think about doing I just do it. Also finding a good meditation app helps, like 10% happier, because they explain a lot of things I never understood about meditation before. Also having a sound generator, like mynoise, playing pleasant sounds while I meditate because focusing on my breath is hard for me because breathing is painful for me so I focus on sound instead.
Aurelia Z.
The way I found to do meditation easier is to sit straight or if got tired find the most confortable position that allow me to keep the concentration. Each time I lost focus I return back to my breathe.
All the audios suggested by the Fabulous App are great guides to do it properly.
Loris C.
Easier comes with practice, immediate immersion is not “easy” and I believe it takes time. The constant distractions and the wandering of the mind, will make you feel as if you are not achieving your urge to be in a “meditative” state, but that’s all part of the process. I, personally, help myself with a guided meditation through an app
Her Dio Z.
I started by allowing myself to be in a comfortable position. If that is laying down flat on my bed- that’s ok. Focus on your breath. Not changing it, just noticing it. If I feel I’m not “emptying my mind” I remember that it’s not about a blank mind but bringing awareness to my thoughts. So I disengage whenever I notice I’m thinking and just watch what pops into my mind. Letthat idea or to do item float by and others replace it… remembering always to come back to my breath if I really get sucked in to a thought. Like anything, it gets easier with practice.
Jonas W.
I’ll try to set a proper time and place for it . Do it in the regular routin over the time and spend enough time and attention to it .
Phyllis Y.
I like to answer simply I don’t know and care.

Seriously the more I concentrate I’ve put my mind but the more I feel free and relax , I’ll do it more comfortably.

I don’t concentrate at the result different than before, just live the moment and I feel fine in the end.

I started few days ago so we’ll see how it’ll develop by time:)

I can comment more sometime later:)

Ross O.
I am concentrating on my breath. "Take breath with count of 1 to 7,hold it and count 1 to 7, then breath out with again 1 to 7, then hold 1 to 7 don't take breath." After then continue this for 15 minutes. Breath slowly and also focus on your nose tip. To start frist go for 5 minutes then develop this habit easily.
Brad S.
I have been meditating for around 100days and best way I have made it this far is by combining it with gym routine and also the app tracker pushes me to never skip the session
Norah C.
Finding a comfortable place to sit, stand, walk or lay down is helpful. A room or place where you can relax for a bit and allow yourself to be vulnerable and at ease with yourself. Sometimes having background music that you know (like a soundtrack to a video game) that wont make your mind wonder is also helpful if you find yourself focusing on all the other noises around you. If it really is hard to meditate or find time alone some traditional forms of martial arts use repetitive movements as a type of meditation.
Marceau T.
I find the Headspace app very easy to use. Also like the Positive Habit by Fiona Brennan. It's all about parking the judgement and just showing up!
Daniel O.
I use the music on the app that plays during the eleven minutes.
Focuston the breath and listening to each chiming note. As the mind loses focus, and it will, the loud note is my reminder to pull my focus back to the breath.
Lea A.
Using a meditation app such as Simple Habit helps heaps. The host of the sessions help quiet the mind and get you into the present with their usually calming voice and wise knowledge.
Mareike X.
I convince my self that my life will be better with meditation and that surely I will sleep definitely well. This helps me a lot.
R My Y.
I think it’s easier if you use an app that either does some sort of guided meditation or is a timer. I use Insight timer that has both. I also use free meditations from others. Currently using Deepak’s free meditation on gratitude.
Faustine S.
To make meditation easier, see what tends to make it difficult. When I started meditating, I found that I would spend a lot of time getting frustrated at myself when I got lost in thought. That frustration made meditating difficult. Eventually I realized (thanks to a guided meditation and some reading) that the point is not to clear your mind, or to achieve something. It’s simply to notice what’s happening! No matter what. After that, sitting five minutes with a stormy mind and achy body is no problem. I just notice: stormy mind and achy body! As long as I notice what’s happening, and let go of any result, meditation loses its difficulty and becomes easy.
Lester U.
How I made At attention more easier for me was by turning off the TV at the radio the Internet emails everything that was Connected to the Internet I turned off I went into a quiet Room and sat down close my eyes and just relaxed for about 5:00 minutes and just started meditating I did it the next day I was able to meditate more on specific things thoughts positive thinking "that would help me in my physical and mental life
Theresa U.
I try to focus on the darkness in front of me. I also imagine that I am in a sort of, hyperspace tunnel. Flying through it and all the sounds and distractions fly past me.
Damien E.
It's not too hard. Make sure there are no distractions before you start. The mind has enough built-in distractions. urround yourself with other distractions. It's also very important to make sure you are comfortable. Whether you sit in a chair with both feet on the floor, or you sit in a recliner with your legs up or you employ a traditional mat and lotus posture, being aware of your body, inside and outside will improve your habit practicing.
Caleb Q.
I stare at the back of my eyelids until I really begin to see them. This is all while observing various thoughts come in and out the ones that are about the past or the future I push away the ones are about the moment I try to keep while staring at the back of my eyelids. When I’m really there somehow the view of
Linus X.
It is simple to achieve calm and stillness in everyday life for me by creating the Intention of daily soul cleansing and heart cleansing. I am letting go all of my attachments of suffering. Whatever it is that make me not happy or anxious.
I practiced spirituality since I was 4 th years old.
I always do fasting every Monday and Thursday, praying and deep breathing for daily meditation and vitality for area of my life, wellbeing.
It is a life time work that I find it matters in my life journey since I was a little kid.
And now I am grateful to come easily to have a strong awareness of who I am becoming in the life itself. It is life as a contribution and authenticity.