What’s the best time to meditate during the day?

Ava U.
That depends on what you like. Morning would be best I would say. You can take the challenge/rest with out True out the day. I do it before sleep. It helps me wine down and get relaxed before going to bed.
Gabriel Q.
I usually meditate in the morning after I’ve woken up before I get ready to start the day. I also sometimes meditate before bed to help me get off to sleep easier, but there is no right or wrong time to meditate.
Asta Z.
After a glass of water it’s the first thing I’ll do in the morning. My head is still clear and I haven’t been hit with any anxiety or expectations yet so I can just sit with myself and listen to my needs.
Thibault Q.
I prefer meditating in the morning after waking up. I feel that this gives me time to ease into the day, and allows me to keep a clear mind during the day. If you miss it in the morning, lunch break is also a good opportunity.
Bryan N.
I like the evening because it gives me more of an opportunity. However, I would prefer the morning if I could spare the time.