What visualization, if you have one, do you use for the rhythm of your breathing?

Hans Uwe R.
I don't use visual. I use mental. I focus on a field of flowers!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Marc Lio A.
My homeland. All those places that reminds me of something that brings me to peace. It can be a specific smell. The foliage of the trees. The feeling of the sun in my skin. Looking at my mom cooking while I’m sitting looking at her and making jokes. The music from my father’s guita. The long walks through my favorite neighborhoods in the city that used to relax me relax before exams. My favorite color: green.
Jessie E.
I’m not sure that I’ve visualized the rhythm of my breathing, however I tend to think about it like the ocean’s tides. Sometimes it is harder and faster, calmer, low tide, high tide, rip tide.
Amalie W.
Counting down from 10 concentration on my breathing and imaging dreaming
Zo E.
Yes, sometimes I visualize when I need focus to meditation and reduce distraction . The visualization mostly I picture is air going from trachea to lung and lungs are inflating and deflating.
Elio F.
I focus on the breath rather than a visualisation when I’m doing rhythmic breathing. I guess I do think of it as a square. I am the breath the breath is me. It is about the now. If i become distracted I thank the thought and let it pass like a cloud. I notice traffic for instance I note sound. If I feel cold I note that sensation feeling. If I start to think about class and worry. I note that as emotion. Everything comes and goes. Live in this moment it’s the only one that matters right now
Alexandre U.
I count each inhale and exhale until I reach 10 and start over. I visualise a balloon being inflated, untill my lungs are full, and slowly deflating and becoming limp as my muscles relax in the exhale.
Perp Tua P.
I tend to visualize while meditating with breathing. My visualisations now are myself being more positive, generous and a better person.
Alexia P.
I just imagine myself surrounded by golden light. It gives me more of a calming effect. Then I imagine myself inhaling and exhaling this.


I just imagine my lungs being filled with air and letting it out as I exhale.