I found myself dozing off during meditation, I try to use a meditation app but if I’m sleepy, it’s not going to work. Any suggestions?

Rico N.
I used to teach meditation and I lost count of the students that fell asleep. It’s nice you relax so. Maybe getting well rested the night of, you will be able to stay awake and present through the experience.
A R.
it is normal when you do meditation and falling sleep as your mind is steping in an unwind mode. also you get use to with thinking all the time. so if you experince sleeping just open your mind and walk and moving a little. maybe sit on chair or under the tree and check your sleeping pattern if you have already sleep 8 hrs and still sleepy that means Your mind is slowly detoxing and release rubbish things, thoughts, feeling from the thoughts in your brain since you were born. I know it sounds weir but your mind dont get use to with NOT THINKING because we are thinking machine. so just slowly observe and change your habit of get fit and eat well. it will reflect on yout practice more efficency when you get fit body in your sitting position also training your mind. 7 base of body. check Dhammakaya Meditation Technique you will learn more about Buddha life and how he enlighten
John G.
Posture. If you’re falling asleep, don’t lay down. Sit up straight but relaxed. Find your center of mass and pull it forward into balance. Then breathe.
Don’t over do it at first. Before it becomes uncomfortable, lie down and go to sleep. You are tired after all. Rest. Return tomorrow. The energy will find you.
Kati J.
If you're dozing because you're uncomfortable and your mind is trying to avoid meditating, reflect and think about why. If you're just so relaxed you fall asleep, that's okay! Keep doing it. Try to notice when you start drifting. The more you do it the more you will get the hand of it. 😊
Vladimir N.
You can do a couple of things: change the time when you meditate. Try morning instead of evening and vice versa. Also, posture is very important. You must find balance between relaxation and awareness, so sit with your back away from the chair. Try standing or walking meditation. Those can be fun