What time of day you find to be be the best for mediation? Why?

Morgane E.
I usually do a short meditation of 5 minutes after waking up, to get focus. And than a bit longer one of 12 minutes in the evening as part of winding down and just before putting my phone away.
Pedro X.
Morning feels the best but that's only when I get up with enough time to do it. Time wise evening is best but I usually don't have the energy to do more than pass out.
Kurt G.
Hi! It depends on which meditationyou want to work on. If you want to start on that day, I would use is it in the morning. If you are having difficulty relaxing and softly getting a good night's restorative sleep. If during the day, it was you who slowed down , try to find a pick-Me meditation. There are so many out there.fly chineďéf
Dietlind X.
I like to sit first thing in the morning, as a gentle but positive and energising way to come into the world.
I often have a short sit around midday as well, usually before I make lunch.
I work from home and find its a good way to draw a line under my mornings work or tasks.
Afterwards Ill reflect on what Ive done, and note down what to do, plan or think about that afternoon
Kent G.
Always first thing in the morning. Its a great start to the day and it allows you to feel balanced all day. You get too sleepy at night. It's a great transition from sleep to wake in the day.
Marie X.
I find morning meditation best because it helps me prepare for the day and I can continue being peaceful and productive throughout the day🧘‍♀️
Faith W.
I find that after I have had my breakfast, but before I get going for the day, is the best time for me. There’s a natural pause at this point of the morning and it sets me up for a mindful start to my day.
Fabian J.
Morning and/or evening. In the morning there is more quiet. Everybody sleeps and you are fresh! The evening because you say goodbye to the day and you reflect onto the day to allow you to let it go better.
C Lian Y.
In the mornings, I like to do listen to the guided meditations and reflect as I listen. I usually do on my way to work while I’m stuck in traffic. Recently I also started listening to guided meditation sessions before going to bed. As I listen to them, I jot down anything that comes to mind. I’ve only done it a couple of times but the times that I’ve done it, I’ve found that the message of the meditation session sticks more than when I don’t.