Any advice for meditating with chronic pain? It can be quite hard to focus..

Mirco O.
turn off the lights, light up some candles, turn on some meditation music and breathe, just breath and think about something beautiful, joyful, amazing – think about nature creatures, travels, your family, animals, books. You don't have to concentrate yourself meditating the first time, you can do it later, after some breathe exercises, thoughts.
Laura S.
Prepare for meditation practise by engaging in daily breathwork, bringing attention to the inhale and exhale, allowing this to clear the mind. Practise mudras with the hands, and find specific positions for pain relief. Meditate after light exercise once the body is less fidgety. Most importantly, practise self compassion, some days will be easier than others.
Zo F.
The best thing you can do is to try and make yourself as comfortable as possible without obstructing your breathing. Try to lie down at an angle that allows you to be propped up a bit so that the force of gravity isn't acting directly on your chest. You can do this by propping yourself up using pillows or laying in a reclinable chair or bed.
Also, note that the objective of the mediatation is to calm you. So once you are in a comfortable enough position, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing or a mantra if the pain makes it too difficult to focus on your breath. Keep at it for as long as you can, whether it be 5 minutes or 50, it's up to you. Just don't force it.
Finally, note that the pain may make it tough to focus but it is possible. If you can find that wave of calm in your sea of pain and ride it for just a little bit it will make a world of difference and it will get easier to ride each time.
I know this is long but I hope it was helpful.
Mark P.
can you meditate on the pain? try moving it or manifesting an energy in a different part of your body and sending it to the pain. I have done similar things before but it will depend on the severity of the pain I imagine. um, I dealt with a broken ankle with meditation techniques. I'm not saying it was a walk in the park and if I was still living with the same level of pain I'm not sure how dedicated to the same principle I would be but..