Any recommendations for a good and inexpensive meditation app?

Clara N.
I tried headspace for a while, and it's weird, but I liked the guys voice more than most guided meditations and I liked their animations. But overall, I couldn't afford it. Not when you can find free guided meditations on YouTube (Or get them here)

Clara Z.
Meditation studio by muse has free sessions and has helped very much. I hope some day I can afford to open a full access account.

Ethan T.
Simple habit is nice. It is quite expensive if you want pro subscription, but I believe even a standard one works perfectly for beginners.

Rubi N.
Oak by Kevin Rose is awesome an free!! What I find great is the UX of the app because it’s so Minimal and friendly as well as the actual narrator used for the meditation process who speaks very clearly and gives you a feeling of comfort and freedom

Diane E.
I don't know I am looking for one. Fabulous app does not have enough options. I wish they change the pre set sh sh sh meditation sound they have so I don't have go to back to my phone and change it.

Glen A.
I don't use apps really. I tend to use YouTube and the honest guys channel. They have lots of different sorts of meditations and I love their guided sleep talk downs. But if you're dead set on an app headspace is good and not too expensive

Leroy F.
If you’re using the fabulous meditations they are really great. Calm has some free content. I like insight timer which you can use to make timed bell meditations— No guided meditation.

Aubrey T.
IF you're a student with a valid .edu address, I hear that Headspace is offering an annual plan for $10. (For the year.) I don't know how much longer this offer is good for.

Nina T.
One recommendation is Calm. I have used it before, but the premium membership is getting expensive nowadays. One completely free app (no in app purchases even) that I use is Oak. However, it does not have as much content. It is good for beginners as they do not get overwhelmed by the choices. Also, Oak has many different breathing techniques with scientific backup!

Ka S T.
I m using Calm app – a subscription model. But if your are looking for an a ieffective app then I would suggest you to try 1 giant mind available on iOS. Probably they also have it in android.
The app “Meditation studio” is also a good option to consider.
Good luck

Wiltrud T.
I like finding 5 minute mediation music videos on YouTube (my current favorite is “The Most Relaxing Music Ever!” by Paul Collier). The Fabulous Sphere or Premium option also has some good meditation tracks.

Margarete X.
Insight Timer. Without doubt the best app on the market. Completely free. Over 15000 mediations to choose from. Allows you to select how long you have to meditate, what subject, etc. then offers you a huge selection to choose from without those filters! Loads of other features too. Go for it!

Uaira E.
You can use Google podcast to search for meditation podcasts which are completely free. You can find guided and unguided. A great podcast recommendation is (stress free naturally – meditations by Ashlie)

Paige E.
I like buddhify. It’s definitely very affordable and doesn’t require a subscription although that is an option. Headspace is also excellent. I think it is very good to help build a foundation. However, it is a monthly subscription that is not inexpensive. Buddhify offers the best bang for your buck.

However, if one wants to go completely free, the Cleveland clinic offers a relatively nice free mindfulness app. It doesn’t offer the same skill development that buddhify or headspace do but it’s definitely a good place to start.

Happy meditating!

Mario R.
Insight timer! It’s actually free! Some things are paid, but I’ve used it for 3 years now without paying. Highly recommend!!

Barry I.
Hi there. I would recommend the insight timer. It is free for most part and it is a wonderful meditation companion. Also, the app Calm is great also and it is in a similar style as the previously mentioned.

Mads F.
Breethe. There are others that are free, but they have very little free content.
Breethe has free content too, but I ended up paying for it.
You can also try 10 % happier and headspace. I also heard good things about insight timer but haven’t used it yet

Max L.
There's some good guided meditation on YouTube for free. I use no app for meditation but some Joe Dispensa guided meditation that I found on iTunes

Barry F.
Insight timer has lots of free guided meditations and a nice timer. The subscription is also very cheap compared to others of you do choose to subscribe.

Anthony T.
I thought aura was okay, I use relax melodies for non guided, and Yoga With Adriene meditations on YouTube for guided now though

Mathilde P.
The app headspace is quite good, it’s a free one but you can pay for a subscription. The free version works just fine for my meditation!