Do you have any good resources for doing weekend long meditation retreats?

Gilcenira Q.
I have not thought about it before this question. I am curious, though so I'm going to look more into it. Thanks for the idea!

Jennifer P.
I have never done a meditation retreat or even thought about it. I just enjoy taking some alone time to help me settle before bed

Louisa N.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a go to as such, I travel a lot to different countries and cities, but I have planned a holiday that will incorporate meditation, yoga and a certificate at the end of it!! I want these things to be more apart of my daily life. I have decided to immerse myself so I will learn how to do this anywhere on my own, the certificate will give me the ability to teach and they say if you want to reinforce new learnings in your life teaching helps to do this. But if you look online, you will probably find somwhere that offers weekend retreats, or as I have recently done, did a search for transcendental meditation locally as I do mindfulness at the moment and want to learn more. I notice that there is usually someone locally that offers this, so this maybe another option for you!! 🙏🏼Happy Meditating

Reginald U.
A good resource is this app, a good place to do it is somewhere comfortable like putting a cushion on the floor and sitting on it, and just thinking about breathing and taking control of your breathing if you need me thing else just contact

Russell A.
Check out they organize and do long weekends meditation retreats. They teach a simple and powerful meditation.

J Nia F.
I have the BEST! I read a few verses In the Bible and then pray, writing in my journal . I sit quietly, reflecting on my last day and contemplating tomorrow.

Ella B.
Yes, I am from the D.C. area so I am close to many different types of meditation, yoga, hiking, CrossFit, etc. retreats. I think it is something that if you are looking for it you can find it but there are a lot of miss opportunities to advertise for such events as people don’t always understand the correlation of different parts of life and how they create one picture. I am always looking for more resources and ideas so anything you can share is always helpful!