Is your happiness dependent on your goal?

Willy O.
I would like to say that happiness isn't dependant on my goals, but I would be lying. I believe my happiness is in a way dependant on my goals. The more meaning my goals have the happier I am.

Malthe X.
Mostly not. Happiness is dependent on how I see my surroundings and myself. It depends on how I interpret and interact with every signal. Signals coming from my environment, signals coming from my body… And then how I interact with them. But yes, goals make me feel better. Way better. Yet, happiness is one such thing which mostly depends on me. It's like a deliberate choice. As if we have a complete freedom to choose between happiness and sadness in nearly every moment.

Sebastian F.
I know in theory, no – but lately, my life has been pretty damn messy so sometimes, yes, when I achieve certain types of goals, sustainable happiness can result, even if it's simply less stress.

Henri M.
Eh, my happiness is tied up with my identity, which is tied up with my ability to focus at my job, communicate with my friends and my appearance, all of which are affected by sticking to healthy decisions that give me rest, ease, and confidence.

Pedro Z.
No, my happiness is not dependent on my goal to make me happy. My goal makes me feel accomplished and confident. Happiness is something I can only give myself. My happiness is being contented with myself, fully loving who I am and being grateful for all I have each day and grateful to God.

Ela U.
I would say my happiness is not dependent on my goal my happiness is based on the fact that I can set goals around so many different things it makes me happy to hope it makes me happy to achieve it makes me happy to pursue but the goal almost could be anything I think the happiness and the joy is in the journey.

Ellie E.
No! It's the journey! And thr effort put into it. But it's good to have goals.

Jacob T.
Yes! My brain functions so much better when I exercise. Things are so much clearer and less foggy. My meds work better.

Jayden G.
Sometimes on a day to day mundane basis. For example: Trying to wake up early every day. I struggle! But meditation I enjoy. You can do it with eyes closed or open! In that moment it's a happy feeling to know that your breath will solve the issue. Its hard initially… the mind keeps taking over. After daily practice, there's a sense of understanding that life can pass n you could choose to just be an observer.

Gabriela P.
It is indeed totally dependent on your goal ,if you're goal is something towards which you're making a daily progress forwards it will for sure give you the happiness, but if you're aren't make commendable progress you may not feel that good cause of the cavity inside of you which needs to be filled.🔥♡

Luana P.
Happiness is the goal, journey provides the destination which is happiness which is the goal 🙂

Emma A.
No. Happiness is hard to define. It means different things to different people. For myself, I consider what satisfaction I derive from living my life the best I can in light of the circumstances of my particular life. My goals and expectations are part of the equation but not all of it.

Silas X.
Yes, and it depends, normally if you are making goals just for being happy. The main thing is to organize your life to finalize it in the end by happiness.

Gimeno P.
No. My happiness is dependent on how I live my life and being true to myself.

Kiona O.
Which goal? If the goal is to get more sleep, probably. But choosing to make my happiness dependent on whether or not I can go through a complex ritual every night is probably not a good idea.

Delphine T.
My happiness depends on positive impact which I make on people around me.

Carmen O.
Actually no. There are many descriptions which stress that the road is more important than the goal. After all, after achieving a goal, what will be the next goal. So in a way, a goal is merely a tool to help you navigate further.

Filippa N.
I would say that it is and it isn't. I mean, my goals are things that contribute to my happiness, but if something happened where I could not complete a goal, I'd still be able to be happy.

Billy U.
No. Im not giving this my full energy. But i am amazed with how i habe taken on a lot of the little points and ideas into my head. Every other day i say to myself image what i could do if i put my heart into it.

Lydia X.
No. My happiness is only dependent on the peace I feel within. Now, I will say that achieving my goals is usually a good indicator of my levels of happiness. Goals are a good guidepost as to how I am feeling. When I don't feel happy I do less of the actions needed to achieve a goal. So it has been a good way to bring my depression or anxiety to light.

On the other hand- I understand the purpose of these goals is to give me more confidence and to help build stronger habits. That is happening. And if I am so busy I can't fulfill all my fabulous actions- if I am aware and choosing to let them go at that time for the sake of more priority tasks, that is okay with me. I can see the long goal- and that is 100% more important than simply checking things off a list for the sake of checking them off. (As long as I don't continue to prioritize over them always).

I am happy when I am in the moment doing what feels right for me, whether that be action or stillness.

Zelaci Q.
Yes because if I get it my life will be better somehow and no because if I don't get it I will still be happy and try again asap.

Heliodoro Q.
I don't think your happiness is dependent on your goal as much as it is on your attitude. You can have a great goal, but if your attitude sucks, you won't be content with anything. People who pursue happiness for the sake of happiness are less content. We need to pursue things like gratitude which leads to feelings of contentment and happiness.