Do you find it better to meditate in the morning or evening?

Malou P.
I do both (5 minutes each) right now. Morning helps me focus during the day, night helps me sleep. I stretch, and do relaxation breathing before each. At night, I spend three minutes thinking about things in grateful for, right before I meditate.
Daryl U.
Mornings and Evenings if you can. You have no idea how important just 10 mins of silent meditation twice a day can do for you.
Sherry P.
I prefer both. I use the morning meditation to help with focus and the evening meditation to help with relaxation and calmness to aid sleep. Meditation is good anytime because it aid you to be more aware and mindful.
Ma Lys N.
I think it’s best to do it at least twice a day to better develop good habits and routines. The more you practice at something the better you will get at it. I’m struggling with being consistent in my healthcare but this app is helping to change that. It only works if you put in the work everyday to accomplish your goals. You may need to adjust your schedule to realize what fits best for you. It’s okay to do that. Progress is made in your pursuit; not in the end of it. Keep progressing. You got this.
Emilie W.
Somewhere in the late evening to a few hours before bed always works best for me. In the morning I'm not functioning enough to really think of rest deeply, and when I'm insanely tired it's hard for me to really meditate without falling asleep.
Mille W.
I found it better to meditate at night. It helped me fall asleep and there were less distractions that made the time more beneficial.
Calvin G.
Mornings forsure! It starts off my day right by making me ask the right questions about myself so I can project throughout the world around me.
Wayne S.
From my experience if you don't really fall asleep easily the evening is better as you will be more calm and worn out. It's also easier to fit in a schedule because mornings tend to be fast paced.
Sander G.
I'm really (REALLY) new to figuring out how this whole meditation and mindfulness stuff can work for me. So far, trying to associate a specific time in a day hasnt helped me form a habit or really feel any usefulness. I've started a more day by day approach. If I find myself with anywhere from 10-30min of time to myself (even on a break at work!) Whether morning, afternoon, or evening… just recognizing and using that little bit of time has helped me figure out when best works for me and help me to start planning around it that way to create a better habit.

Sorry for the long winded response. Hope its helpful!

Mathis Q.
My brain is more empty in the morning, so it’s easier, but it might be good in the evening too. Also it sets the mood for the day
B R Nice O.
Personally I like meditating in the evening. Partly because I am not really a morning person. But I have really gotten use to it as a way to wind down from my day. Sometimes I do it right after work before starting on dinner. Other times I meditate right after dinner as a way of relaxing into my evening.
Billy S.
So far I’ve only tried meditating in the morning and it’s relaxing so far. I’m new to meditation so I’m still not good at sitting still and not doing anything, but hopefully with more practice. I may try evening meditation to see if it helps me sleep better
Louisa P.
I actually haven't done it in the morning, because of the little time I have to begin my lessons, but I find it quite comfortable to do it at night, before a go to sleep, I can release my worries.
Noemie E.
I find it easier to meditate in the evening but I do both. The morning is perfect right after a yoga session using the app down dog!