Does anyone ever meditate at work during their breaks? How do you go on about doing that with people around? I sometimes feel weird doing it; I’m worried someone’s going to look at me funny 😅

Rita N.
I try to do it as often as I can! :))) I usually go to a quiet place where people don't go. One of my Co workers started meditating with me :))
Arun I.
Oh yes so I perform meditation at my home at the morning without any day missing in works I take deep breath which is also in build fabulous
Armando J.
It took me a while to find the right way for me. You have to feel comfortable. I meditate at my desk with headphones on after lunch. The office is quiet and others will generally not approach because of the headphones. I also tried in my car, common spaces, open office space and others. It is definitely a trial and error process.
Kristina X.
It's easier in an office in your own. If you tell people about it in advance it'll also b be easier. They may even join in.
Francisco N.
I often meditate on my bus ride home from school when I can get a seat. It helps pass time and also is a good exercise in cutting everything out. As for looking funny, don't let that bother you. Think about the benefits of what you are doing by taking this time out for yourself! 😉
Emilia N.
Meditation is a state of mind and it does not show if you learn to be comfortable in that state of mind. It is easy and the more you realise how simple the mindfulness is, the easier and faster you will let go of fearbased behaviours that limits your growth. Just breath, the universe will take care of the rest.