What type of meditation U prefer? Guided or unguided? For me it is up to my mood.

Kyra U.
Personally I prefer guided meditation because I feel like the experience is enhanced that way and it's easier to focus but I also like the freedom of unguided meditation
Hana P.
yeah i’m the same it all depends on how i’m feeling and what i want to focus on. i like guided ones to help me fall asleep but waking up i like to just do my own thing
Maggie J.
I agree it's up to what mood I'm in. However, I feel like the time when I most meditate is after yoga because I use the down dog app which automatically adds meditation to the end of the routine. It's that whole habit forming thing obvs. It's unguided, however is timed so I know how long it is. I am yet to find any guided meditations I actually like. I had a friend walk me through a grounding meditation, which I love, so I now do that in my head pretty much every time.