What is one lesson you took away from your meditation habit?

Katrina U.
That I can't afford to skip it. My mental and emotional health suffer greatly when I fall out of the habit of quiet meditation in the mornings.

Nicole S.
For a great course to learn how to meditate, download The Waking Up Course in the App Store. Sam Harris does what few other teachers can, which is not just lead you through a guided meditation, but do so while teaching you how to inhabit mindfulness in ordinary moments in every day of your life. It’s a fantastic course, and you finish with such a deep understanding of the shape of your mind, your attention, and your consciousness.

Alberto P.
I took away meditation just because I accidentally pressed it so It looked like I had meditated that day. So I deleted it but put it on again

Yvonne Y.
Meditation is important. To quiet yourself. And slow yourself down. For me, things I’ve been avoiding quietly ask for attention. The important things I don’t want to address calmly ask for an audience, and solutions are quietly coming into focus.

Stephen B.
That my brain is weird and I have to learn how it works. 😁Also that everything important is now, but I often forgot to keep it in mind.

Abel S.
Meditation for me has always been about my own self discovery and time just for me. I get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and go, go, go that I start to lose peices of myself. Meditation helps me to bring that back in and sometime discover something that was lost or I even discover something new about myself. Your meditation becomes what you want or need it to be for you.

Ma Lle T.
I just use it more as a reminder to slow down and breath more than to center myself. But I have gained the ability to recognize when I start to feel over worked or stressed because my mind will drift off and start me relaxing a little, loosening the shoulders and releasing the tension. This is something I can now just do and it only takes a moment of my time to stop and do it

Abraim Y.
How long I meditate for sure. I think I need more attention, but I feel lack of concentration. Mabye equanimity is not so good.

Mathilde I.
I've learned, as a beginner to meditation, how easy it is for my mind to wander into things that concern me. It is a great thing to practice to help me adjust to learn how to truly focus and obtain a moment of peace within myself. Can't wait to see what happens as I improve.

Lisa N.
I learned that I am not as in love with my self as I should be and wish to add a meditation challenge for that. I must meditate daily to that 11 minutes.

Joy E.
I am endeavouring to stop and enjoy the moment and meditation creates the space to do this. I focus primarily on the relaxation meditations before bed as I live a very high paced and stressful life and for me this time easing me into deep and restful sleeps.

Vicky U.
Hey the biggest lesson I have learned from meditation is the lesson of gratitude! I am learning to find the things that fill my cup everyday, even the things that aren’t so great help me fill my cup!

Pascale T.
Meditation isn’t always about feeing calm and relaxing. One of the benefits is benign able to sit with the negative thoughts or rushing mind.
If you sat down and thought your thoughts were still running, just enjoy the fact you got some time to sit for a while!