When do you find it easier to meditate: early in the day or to help wind down at night?

Micah Q.
For me it’s better to do it in the morning so I have completed it as part of the first few things of my day. This helps to prevent life from getting in the way of me doing meditation.

Morning for me helps set up the day in a mindful and peaceful way.

The evening is as you say a nice winding down experience.

Try one option for a few weeks and see if it works for you. Then try the other

Stefan N.
I find it easier to meditate in the morning. Most things are easier to do in the morning, but sometimes you must return to focusing on your own breath. I use Headspace and have done so for 400-500 hours.
Cirilo F.
Definitely earlier in the day as I start my day. Before any of the challenges begin. I am more proactive in the morning than reactive in the evening.
Nnenna Z.
I find it easier to do earlier in the day. Because I’m not distracted by other things that are going on in the evening of trying to get dinner ready eating and spending time with my beloved.