How do you find meditation? Does your mind wonder?

Raven J.
I have trouble focusing because I have young children and a naughty dog. My house is like a circus pretty much every minute of everyday. I am trying to use grace when I am interrupted because I know one day my house will be quiet and that thought makes me sad. I have found that the more I practice the better I can find a quiet place inside- even if my five year old is trying to balance Legos on my head while I meditate…
Lorraine P.
All the time. I am just starting in meditation and I find my mind is always go, go, go. But I am trying to catch myself and get back to focusing on myself. Taking in a deeper breath in those moments and refocusing on whatever inner thoughts I need to be having.
Ilgin N.
From a point of view of someone with anxiety, I have been trying to meditate for a few days now. I feel like it really helps me to calm down and test my ability to concentrate. I reccommend it!
Chloe J.
I don’t meditate as often as I should but I use a podcast to help me meditate and it relaxes me as it should they’re roughly 2 hours long the podcasts but yeah my mind does wonder a lot during the meditations especially when I get notifications through I try to ignore then but they start to play on my mind wondering what it is so I just look at the notifications and then my mind starts wondering as I’m looking at my phone and completely disregarding the meditation podcast that’s playing in the background of my phone so yeah my mind wonders during meditation but doesn’t everyone?
Ma Lys Z.
I think for me, finding meditation can be a challenge. Our minds often tend to wander, and that’s okay. Meditation is simply about noticing that our mind has wondered, but not letting it effect us. “Noting” the thought or distraction and letting it go away can help you retain focus as you meditate.
Petros X.
It really doesn't stop. But It seems to get better every time I meditate. I think it's the key to taming my thoughts in general.