What are some tips for meditating? What’s the best way to concentrate and feel refreshed after meditating?

Terrence E.
incorporating yoga into your meditation either before or after really makes a difference! Try energizing chakra yoga or relaxing flow yoga with your meditation!
Eva P.
Sitting with your back straight and the chin tugged in a little is good for your energy. Short phases are good. Don’t strain yourself. This is only about finding what is already there.
Halle N.
i dont meditate that often but i find that it helps to not feel bad if a thought comes when you're meditating. It's bound to happen. Instead just acknowledge the thought or feeling without reacting to it and then go back to focusing on your breathing. I find that it helps in separating you from your thoughts and feelings so that you are calmer during the day and during stressful life situations you can separate yourself from feelings and negative thoughts and focus on doing the right thing
Eliyah E.
There is no best meditation or tips to do it. There are rules of different types of meditation (zen, Buddhism, Hinduism, depends of teacher) you must learn them first and practice in the ashram first month. Then practice at home morning just before wake up likely 15 min with breathing or chanting mantras. Then during the day you can lie down and meditate 25-30’ guided. Then evening as you wish and how to do it is only who can decide. It’s your own practice it’s your mind it’s your body and there is only Oneness that you can choose to merge within and make inside out. Cheers,
With love&kindness