What time of the day is best to meditate? Is there a time that isn’t so good? Why?

Sara C.
At night. It helps me clear and process my thoughts that have built up during the day.

I find that I don’t wake up worried or anxious, so meditating in the morning doesn’t do as much for me.

Zeferina P.
I find meditating before the day get started is the best otherwise normal life just gets in the way and the meditation never happens
Isa P.
I really enjoy meditating in the morning. It sets up my day well, it allows me to focus and strengthen my thoughts and feelings. I could try meditating at night before sleeping as well. It might help me wind down and get into a nice relaxed mode
S L Ne A.
You can meditate at any given time. I personally rather to meditate early when the sun is rising . I can hear the birds and contemplate the peace in nature. And before going to sleep to de clutter my mind from the day.
Elias C.
Whatever suits you! Morning is better because it will help you in making conscious and better decisions. It will keep you calm and focused throughout the day.
Graciane O.
Hi there! That’s a good question! For me personally I like starting my day with meditation (the 10 mins on headspace app) as it’s help me to be calm and intentional instead of reactive to the outer world. I realise for example that I feel much happier than when I start checking my mails and respond to external requests. At the end of the mediation, I ask myself what I want to create in this day and what I am grateful for. Sometimes I also meditate a few min during the day and it helps me to feel more present and able to choose my reaction to things that happen but I sometimes struggle to make time. When I meditate at night – which isn’t a habit yet – I tend to focus more on body scanning meditation to relax more deeply
Amanda X.
For me there are 2 main moments in the day but for different reasons. Morning to start day energised and with a clear mind. Evening to clear my head before falling asleep.
Cody A.
Best to meditate in the morning I think to start your day fresh. Get rid of any negative energy. It’s not good to meditate during the day as it’ll bring me out of the swing of my fast paced day
Benjamin J.
I find that for me personally, I have to make habits work in the morning. First thing… I just end up getting distracted during the day and am more likely to make excuses for myself not to do something.