How long does it take to become really focused in meditation? I find that 12 minutes is a long goal since I’m a beginner!

Alexis N.
Hey Bud! I would say that start with baby steps like meditate for 4 or 5mins. But during that time just try to relax and feel your surroundings with eyes closed. Think about all the good or such things that help you calm. I think that dawn time is most suitable for meditation and if your in a park or garden. You feel so much calm and can more clearly. It also helps gives a better start to your day. I hope it helped. ☺️
Maria Z.
From 5-10 minutes is a good range of time to really get yourself into meditation, but a good, efficient meditation from beginning to end can be done in 20-30 minutes. Everything depends on how calm your surroundings are wherever you meditate and how focused you are on letting yourself go. Since you’re a beginner, even the fact of meditating is a great achievement, so if you keep going, you’ll improve more every time and it will become a true habit.