How long do you feel that you need to meditate to see a practical influence?

Afonso P.
time meditating isn’t always equivalent to its effectiveness, in my experience, the more time i spend meditating, it can go 2 ways, or i get bored and am just waiting for it to end, or i get a great experience that will provide energy, focus, fulfillment for the days to come. However, despite this ambiguity, i have established a daily meditation habit that, even if only 10 minutes a day, makes me feel great overall. Even when life isnt going so smoothly, i feel an overall peace and fulfilment in my every day. So in my opinion, being consistent on the habit of meditating everyday is way better than meditating a lot once, then getting tired of it and stopping for a few days, until you feel the need again, etc.
Cody E.
I feel like it doesn’t have to be much every day, but if you get into a routine of meditating a little bit everyday, that time adds up. I normally meditate for around 5-10 minutes a day, so for a whole week, I am meditating for around 25-50 minutes.
Erin F.
well i don't know if there's a specific time in general. i mean, for every single one of us could be different. maybe you need a month and someone else just needs a week. but i think meditation is a process that never stops. to feel good i think we will have to meditate for the rest of our lives.