Is it really possible to change from a negative outlook (beginning at childhood & reinforced by life, due to lots of unhappy and tough circumstances not of my making?) Wondering how long it takes to see the “results” of a meditation practice that makes such a difference that you feel your chatter has lessened and is less negative? Specifically I’m interested in quieting my very overactive mind and it’s flood of negative and critical thoughts and worry. I meditate, but have a lifetime of experience in dealing with this. My hyperactive, negative, chattering mind has a way of spoiling things for me. Is there ever a point where your mind starts to really change? I’ve been trying, but often, and especially in crisis or frustrating circumstances, negative chatter wins. Signed: pessimist who doesn’t want to be one.

Marie R.
I can relate to this question a lot because I tend to see the worst whenever my mood goes downhill. Even if I don't realise it. I believe there is a point where you learn that not everything is as bad as it seems in your head with the clamor of all those thoughts. It might seem hard, but keep trying to overcome them and eventually, you'll succeed. It may take months, or years or a lifetime, but if you try, you know you're getting somewhere, that you're getting better. Believe in yourself because that is the first step in every challenge.
Khadijah F.
Maybe it'll be a lot more easier if you change the meditation with get along with positive people,who doesn't have to put so much effort to stay calm and being nice,it just who they really known as.Try to interact with them and be willingly to open your heart and mind to fully understand how they have seen this world from their perspective .
Mickelle O.
Sounds like you and me have a lot in common yes it is possible to change I know this from experience I changed by downloading an app called audible's listen to podcast specifically dark psychology. Downloading that app and listening to Dark psychology is the best thing that has happened to me the best choice that I have made in a long long time helps you deal with your problems stemming from childhood so your problems that you're having right now it's better than any counseling session it's better than any group counseling session it's better than any mental health medication that I have ever had I've learned more in a week about myself than I have in 40 years so go ahead and do it download the app called out of auditables and listen to Dark psychology
Konsta C.
Hello! I truly believe it is possible since I've been battling with same kikd of issues since a child but it has diminished almost completely since I've really started to do the things I love and live as I please. Sometimes I still find myself there but it's allmost always when I'm like hungry or just pushing myself maybe even too hard. It's really just about deciding and committing on focusing on the positive. When I make myself feel good this just happens effortlessly. Hope you all the best. Trick
Jamie Z.
I put my focus into writing or other positive hobbies/interests like music, relaxing with a cup of tea and a book, doing some crafts or a nature walk.
Darlene E.
Yes, but it takes a lot of effort. Every time that you have a pessimistic thought, challenge yourself to see the silver lining in the clouds.