Does meditation ever get easier?

L Rke W.
Meditation doesn’t necessarily get easier but it changes. With guidance and reflection in daily activities it becomes gentler in that you react gentler to what you witness and cultivate a less judgemental view. Of course each ‘meditation’ is different but as it becomes part of every moment witnessing and not judging but adjusting and guiding becomes easier.
Afre Z.
In a way it becomes easier, but it’s not necessarily meant to be easy. It’s meant to be the practice of a good habit that helps you reign in negative thoughts and feelings before you act on them. It’s meant to become a skill in a wonderful mental toolbox that helps you adapt to change, face difficulties and still have the tools necessary to rebuild from the emotional ground up. It’s a strength builder for your consciousness, awareness and therefore your thought processes. It makes being human a little easier.
Leona Z.
I meditate for 3 weeks now and I must say: it's going to get real fun and easy to do. Remember to meditate in the morning, after working out and taking a long and hot shower. Persanally, I use the Headspace app, which is the best in my opinion. It's going to cost after a free month though, but it's absolutely worth it. I can see my emotions and feelings so clearly now that I can control them in a blink of an eye.
Adrian T.
Meditation takes practice just like any hobby or sport. With time it doesn't necessarily get easier but it does get more comfortable.
Tilde Z.
I think forming the habit is hard, so maybe remembering to meditate may get easier. But meditation itself is tricky. I've not really done enough to know if it gets easier…
Bertram A.
Yes but it's not about the easier cause you can't fail with meditation.
Even if you lose focus it's ok don't judge yourself saying like: " I should be more concentrated or stuff like that".
Meditation (at least for me) it's all about accepting yourself and your thoughts.
I raccomend you trying the app calm or simple habit instead or the details meditation here.
Ingmar X.
With practice, yes. But there will always be times when it seems challenging. Just re-center your thoughts and remain non-judgemental. That, in and of itself, is being mindful. Enjoy the practice.
Eunice N.
It definitely does! Finding a time that works for you is really important. I do mine right before I go to sleep. It calms me and helps me internalize my guided meditation lessons.
Victor E.
If you are really persistent and do longer meditations everyday yes. When I do 10+ minutes for days in a row it does get easier.
That being said some days are harder than others. If you are tired, hungry, stressed it will be harder but you just have to push through.
I am working nights so I don't have the energy for long meditation in the morning so I have been doing under 10 minutes most days.
Phillip Y.
I think the act of quieting your mind and being present in the moment gets easier, but finding/making time to meditate might always be a struggle. If you are having trouble finding 12 minutes to sit down and meditate, try 5 minutes. It really does help keep you focused the rest of the day.
Brennan P.
The times when my meditation has been easiest has been on week-long silent retreats. The normal day-to-day chatter in my mind falls away.

The closest I’ve come to that when not on retreat is when I’ve been maintaining a daily practice for a while. But it’s still more of a struggle because the stress of daily life pulls my attention away from being present.

I think if I was sitting longer daily, say half an hour or more, then it might get easier over time. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of time given all of my responsibilities.

Fabian J.
I don't think that mediation is hard or easy, it is what it is; as it becomes a habit it is easier to fall into and enjoy