How do you avoid sleeping while meditating? How to catch this “edge” between falling into sleep and meditating?

Edelmira Y.
In my limited experience, most of my meditation instructors have told me to just let my body sleep if that's what it needs. Our mind untangles itself when we sleep. So maybe it's just what you need. But also I was going to suggest, try meditating mid morning, before lunch. Might be easier.
Ba F.
I try to sit and meditate but sometimes I sleep but manage to be awake while I sleep and meditate by doing it for a shorter time period.
Ben T.
Sit up straight and sit in a bright space, naturally lit so that if you close your eyes you can still see some form of light. Ensure that you listen and pay close attention to every word the speaker says or every thought passing through your mind
Arlete Z.
I try and focus on my breathing. I also do it off of my bed so I have to get up when I am done and get into bed. I try to feel the chair or floor below me and remind myself how meditation is benefitting me. Practice makes progress!! And if you’re having trouble with staying awake during meditation, try doing it earlier in the night. Maybe before you brush your teeth and get ready for bed.
Kylie B.
when you start to notice yourself not focusing on the speakers voice, gently guide your attention back to them. focus on what they are saying. sitting upright helps as well. closing your eyes gently and listening and feeling what the speaker is saying is meditation where as sleeping is where you are not conscious of anything specific.
Josh O.
I used to fall asleep during meditation at first. There are a lot of things that your mind needs to adjust to like calming your thoughts and concentration length. It takes time.
Reaching a sleep state, if you think about it, is just a really deep meditation. The only difference is you don’t remember it. Embrace the depth your mind goes to. With time, your mind will start to rest in that middle-ground.
But if this has been happening for a long period of time, you will need to look at your context. What time are you meditating? If in the morning, I find having a cup of tea before starting meditation stops me from dozing. If at night (when we are usually tired from work, kids etc.) you could make it the last thing you do, so that if you sleep it is welcomed. Or you could try a midday meditation, which is always nice (though usually difficult to establish).

In a nutshell: don’t beat yourself up, it’s part of the journey. But if this persists after a couple of weeks, change the time of day, or try a cup of tea first. I believe it’s important not to put too much expectation on meditation sessions. Whatever they become for you is the curious adventure that awaits us all.

Ragnar T.
For me, answering this question is actually simple in words. It was after consistently practicing and failing to stay awake that I experienced a meditation one morning in which my body seemed to finally realize and accept what I was asking for in that I desired to ‘stay awake’ yet I was asking my body to stop it’s processes and rest at the same time.

I felt as though my body understood and in that moment I began to move into “edge” between worlds.

Yana N.
It's not an edge. If you feel like you're falling asleep when you're trying to meditate, it means youre falling asleep. Meditating doesn't feel light like you're sleepy. It feels light like you're happy and fulfilled. You're energized and feel powerful — and it flows into your day after you've long stopped.
Gerald U.
Well when I feel myself getting into a comfortable state that makes my body seem like I’m about to go to sleep I will take a small intermission and go right back to meditating
L Andre E.
Not meditating in bed helps a lot. Also wake yourself up before you start meditating- meaning if you feel tired, do something to wake yourself up. And don’t be mad if you fall asleep, it’s okay 🙂
Leidora N.
Hello and Gods blessings to you first I start with a great stretch I drink a tea with garlic and honey add ginger and turmeric best tea is green tea and I find myself thinking about how I wanna do it but first I ask for assistance from the angels and my father in heaven with my heart I am grateful that you came to me for advice and thank you