Where and how do you like to sit fir meditation?

Michael S.
It really depends on my overall mood. In the morning I sit on the couch and meditate as this is usually where I end up most mornings. You will need to decide what is most comfortable and best for you. There really is no right or wrong location.
Manar B.
I usually meditate in bed, since it helps me relax and fall asleep.
But some other times, if it's the morning, for example, I would sit in a comfortable place where I can see the sky, and feel more connected to nature. ❤️
Lakesha P.
I like to sit on a yoga/ stability ball in my room. It helps with my posture, and because I’m “focusing” on stabilizing, my mind doesn’t wander as much!
Kristin F.
I do my meditation in my car because it’s the only private space I can count on having. If I have time, I drive somewhere with a pretty view to look at. For me, letting go of meditating perfectly (perfect spot, perfect guided meditation, perfect posture), has made it a more sustainable habit. I’m really getting a lot from it!
Miranda W.
I prefer to lay down in bed. I meditate nightly before I fall asleep so it just works for me. I also enjoy meditating at a quiet park outside every once in a while
Tiago W.
I meditate in my room where i can close the door and have a peaceful environment. The position is with my back straight against the wall and legs crossed
Mohamed R.
It's not always possible but it is best for me when I can place my feet flat on the floor and my plams can be flat on something like my thighs or a table (this helps makes you calmer). The location isn't as important as long as you can be left alone for a bit.
Morgan O.
I like to sit on my yoga mat with my feet crossed right in front of my front door that is a glass screen on it so that I can see the Sun and it's shines in on me and helps me focus on my meditation for that morning.