What do you focus on during meditation?

Willie J.
At night, I focus on lowering my heart rate, so I can sleep better. My goal is to increase my deep sleep to around 2 hours and a half. I notice that I have more energy the next day. Which helps me accomplish my goals.

In the morning I focus on positivity and shifting my mind-set from catastrophic thinking and dreading going to work to uplifting thinking and excited about the adventures ahead.

Andreas P.
Have no clue how to meditate properly. More than thinking about something , I’ll be lost in trying to keep my mind steady
Mikkel Z.
I usually try to focus on my breath. Sometimes I have to literally thing to myself …inhale….exhale…sometimes I just picture a color, usually blue.
Hagen X.
When I am meditating, I try to clear my mind of all things and focus on my breath. The guided meditation creates in me a calmness that I am learning to enjoy.
Andrew T.
I start always with my breathing then as I continue I transition in to a feild of green lush trees and flowers. But it’s not just a picture; it’s as if my minds eye opens and my true inner self awakens laying under one of the trees and looking up at green leaves with blue sky and sunlight peeking through. The leaves rustle with my breathing like a gentle breeze. This true version of myself is powerful and super confident and sure of herself and most of all she is safe. She stands and walks through the trees into the field of flowers exploring and wandering happily along discovering more of herself as she journeys… it probably doesn’t make sense but it is what I do!
Ross C.
I focus on the words of the guided meditation on the fab app. Some meditations are better for me than others. I find if I start to go to not great places in my mind to stop the meditation and do a different one. Writing in my journal afterwards helps a lot
Alexia Y.
My breath, where I’m holding tension so I can soften it. I had a prompt to think about acts of kindness that I had received and offered during the day. That’s one I’ll hold on to as wel
Chad S.
I bring my awareness to any discomfort with in my body and inhale drawing the breath to the discomfort, I breath into the brain to relax the mind and to the stomach where our intuition comes from. When I am relaxed and calm I focus on feeling my environment with my body and listening to the rhythm/vibration of life.
Vladislava C.
Mainly for relaxation and maintaining a calm, methodical state. I usually think of thing for that day i could accomplish. Meditation mainly helps me focus though.
Melvin T.
My breathe. I focus on the air getting all the way done to my lower stomach. I focus on the lenght of the breathe so it is as natural as it can be. I also think about how I sit. I don't want to be tight anywhere in the body or start shaking for clinching somewhere.
Amanda Q.
I focus on my breathing, and on bringing back my mind to the present moment, everytime it wanders away to other space and time.
Noara Q.
I usually find a comfortable spot and then start to breath slowly, I set an intention for my practice and I focus on my breath and stillness usually I use a mantra
Oliver W.
I try to focus on my breathing. Specifically how it feels, the rise and fall of my chest or hoe the air feels leaving my mouth. I find focusing my mind on something specific allows me to avoid intrusive thoughts
Kelly Q.
Usually breathing but other bodily sensations work very well. Often pain, but I find it challenging to focus on this in a productive way. Nonetheless I think this is very valuable. If there are sounds, I love concentrating on sounds, as something external it can increase the strength of the idea that consciousness is the sum of sensations, thoughts and feelings.
Debra Z.
I try not to focus on anything. I start by focusing on my breath but naturally the minds starts drifting off and I let my thoughts flow. Then I bring my attention back to the breath, try to pay attention to how my belly fills with air and how my shoulders relax after I exhale. I also try to pay attention to the sounds and picture myself in nature. I do find that once I’ve let all my thoughts and fears and anxiety come out is when I can truly start giving my mind a break and be in the moment. I’d say it’s a journey not a race so give yourself a break and take it slow. Practice makes perfect t! Good luxk
Nicoline C.
Peace and Tranquility…My mind wonders sometimes to goals I have set or something I'm looking forward to or not looking forward too. But I revert it back to peace and try and imagine a perfect little world I created just for me. I look to mediation as a mini vacay for a few minutes. Like a sweet treat for my body and mental.
Brent P.
The main thing you would want to be focusing on while meditating would be your breate. You want to try to bring mindfulness to the fact that you are breathing and escape the thoughts that invade you throughout your day, however these thoughts are normal, that’s what the brain does! Thus you also want to focus on acknowledging these thoughts and simply telling yourself that your mind is wandering, and that that’s ok! Just tell yourself that and then go back to focusing on your breathing, either counting your breathes or maybe just noticing the sensations in your body while you breathe. Hope I could help!