Eyes closed or opened?

Neve Z.
Both. Somethings are better if you close your eyes and let it lead you but others you need your eyes open to lead your own path
Haylee Z.
If you would like to curate a study schedule, I’d recommend starting with the different subjects that you want to be studying. Evaluating what subjects are more right brained thinking meaning, they’re more creative more intuitive more expensive. And left brain thinking meaning, it’s more logical well thought out and methodical. Then, align each subject with a specific energy on a specific day. For example, studying math would be a left brained activity And maybe you dedicate Mondays to math. Then Tuesdays your study art history and that would require more right brained energy. So, as long as you’re aligning each day of the week with either left brained or right brained energy that will help you create a study schedule that fills your cup rather than drains it. I hope that helps!
Tita B.
Do as your mood dictates you! I like to close my eyes when I have to do it in timely manner and imagine a beautiful surrounding area, but if I’m able to do it in a safe place that I like, I will have them open.