What techniques do you use to schedule in meditation reliably?

Andreas W.
I meditate on my way to work, on a train. A glass of water when I wake up. 750m run to catch a bus, 750m run from bus stop to train station, 50 minutes sitting comfortably in the train – plenty of time to meditate ๐Ÿ™‚
Tommy P.
I make it a habit to do it as part of my morning routine. After doing it a couple days in a row it became second nature to open up my phone and start meditating.
Conrad N.
I just do it first thing in the morning right after brushing my teeth. If you don't check your phone you're highly likely to jot have any distractions
Jesse C.
I try to do it the same time everyday. It really helps because I know I have to do this now. Also, I will try to do it at a time when I am alone so that there are really less distractions. I also try to keep the track for guided meditation selected a day before so I don't have any excuse for not doing it.
Sarah Z.
I put my meditation cushion in a prominent location and made a little area that is nice for meditation. It makes it pop back into my brain after a long day, and makes it appealing.
Irmingard C.
For me before I exercised I make time to meditate. I set time throughout my day to exercise. So if I meditate if only 10-15 before I start, the work out great
Thea X.
A timed break in my work day just to calm down so I can refocus when I get back to work. Getting a break makes me what to do it and the relief after is worth it.
Arquimino Q.
I have been meditating in the morning when I read my bible study. At night, I try and remember to meditate, but I really donโ€™t have a set schedule yet.
Ruby Z.
I personally find it more fun when I add in meditation in my routine. A routine helps me to break into a new or helps me prepare for a sweet night, and meditating makes me excited for either both of these cases. Once I started meditating, I felt an immense amiable demeanor taking over me, ready to conquer almost anything, and the relaxing state you're at while meditating is impeccable. Thus, I genuinely look forward to meditating as I know I'd feel very relaxed at the end of the session, and it almost feels like a habit after doing it repeatedly.
Rudolfo E.
Meditation is the last thing I do before going to sleep. In fact, it's an essential part of my sleep routine now. The quality and length of my sleep seems inferior when I don't meditate. So, I guess finding something you will be better at thanks to meditation ( e.g. I also occasionally do very brief meditations before facing unpleasant situations to tame my apprehensions) is a good way to immediately reinforce taking a moment to meditate.
El Sio S.
I started waking up earlier to ensure I had the time to dedicate to meditation. It has now become so set that these mornings I wake very sharply without an alarm at 5am on the dot. I stretch, get out of bed, drink a glass of water and meditate.