What is it I should be thinking about?

Silas W.
I don't believe in that question because it uses the word "should", which feels oppressive and like an order.

Throughput working with Fabulous I have different thoughts and realizations. The biggest one is to be realistic about what I can do. That means deleting extra habits that I'm not ready to add to my routine because of having 9 concussions in 16 months among other things.

Taking it easy and approaching this seriously but with the thought that it is a fantastic structured not high pressure way to add good actions, thoughts, routines to my life. My doctors are thrilled with it. I look forward to working on The Fabulous habits every day even though I feel like I'm making only baby progress at this time. Everything counts.

Eda A.
I like to think about my day and what I did that made me feel good or what I did that made me feel bad. I just like to reflect on things for a bit, maybe even think about the future, then I let it all go. I let my mind drift wherever it wants to go and just let it stay there for a minute. Then, I bring my attention to my body and where I am and focus on that. Focus on my breathing, where I’m sitting/laying, listen to the sounds outside and inside. Then I just kind of let my mind go blank.
Eliza A.
Your goals and aspirations on how your going to achieve them reflect on what work and whY didn’t and how you can improve
Jacob W.
It doesn’t matter what you think about so long as you are aware that you are thinking, try to scan your mind and discover the direction thoughts come from, are you talking to yourself or seeing images? What colour is your mind? Common focal points for meditation awareness are the breath, sensation at the feet or hands or body position and listening to sounds.
Lucy P.
Having positive thoughts always helps a lot with your mood and how you relate to others. Always be thinking of the goodness that exists in the world. Focus on positives and not negatives.
Cl Mence I.
Think about your breathing and focus on relaxing each part of your body from head to toe. Don’t force yourself to think anything, if a thought comes by, recognize it and let it float on like a cloud.
Frances U.
You! What you need. Nothing more. If you’re happy – think of all the good you can do for others. That comes from within.