How do you meditate–app? Alone? Guided?

Neil N.
I use headspace. It's the only meditation anything I've found with a voice I can listen to without wanting to roll my eyes.
Elli T.
A mix. Sometimes I search for meditation on spotify or youtube, others I do a quicky km the train with no sound at all but headphones on to silence the world a bit. Then again, I have old meditation tracks that I pull out sometimes and also try to teach myself to sit in silence at home which is definitly the hardest. But I do notice the difference overall, no matter what technique.
Russell B.
Alone with simple breath meditation with the fabulous timer/background music running to minimize distraction and tell me when I'm done.
Taylor N.
I meditate alone for 12-15 minutes as long as you find somewhere comfortable in order to meditate and focus on your mind, body and spiritual
Maja C.
I began alone guided by Brendan Burchard's Release meditation technique. Now I use one of two apps Fabulous and Asana Rebel as they have a good variety of guided meditations of varying lengths. I also mediated alone outside in the countryside when weather conditions allow.
Timmothy C.
Hola, mediante una app llamada Siente y por la meditacion de esta app. Tambien practico la respiracion por la app Prana Breath.
Lo hago en la noche para relajarme.
Francis C.
A little bit of all three, depending on the day and what I feel like. Sometimes even just a quick walk while I try to only focus on one thing (sounds, animals or a particular problem I'm working on)
Izabela Q.
Personally I struggle to find guided meditations that I like but i find them the easiest. YouTube can be good for some. Or just some calming music
Anton A.
If you are a beginner, you might try a guided meditation just to get the hang if it. I'd suggest to continue meditating alone and without accompanying sound, so that you don't become dependent on it – you may not always have your device with you or it may not be appropriate to use it. Once you feel confident, just do whatever feels right according to the occasion. You can even meditate while moving and with your eyes open :). Best, Mila
Gabbi A.
I meditate alone and unguided. I find that I can let thoughts pass me by and I'm not so focused on another person's voice.