What types of meditation do you find you like the best?

Zoe F.
Breath meditation. Simply because you always have all you need to do it. Whether that be an hour long daily practice or taking a couple moments throughout the day to return to the present moment. The power of the breath is amazing, especially in times of agitation.

Jesse P.
I started using the Headspace app about six months ago and committed to 10 minutes a day. It’s positively changed my life especially with regards to relationships.

Dilan Q.
I like to listen to binaural beats…there’s an app called Beatfulness that works wonderfully and is best with headphones in. And I sit upright with my eyes closed. You can set a timer, but I like it best when I don’t set a timer and just meditate until I feel like I’m done.

Ronnie F.
En guidet meditation, så mine tanker ikke får så meget plads.
Minimum 10 min, hvis jeg skal nå at give slip.
Gerne med noget baggrundslyd.

Safira Q.
The artist in me loves visualization, as it comes naturally and effortlessly. It boosts my creativity and problems solving skills. Visualization expands my mental horizons and opens up possibilities that I might not considered otherwise. It is particularly useful in the morning prior to starting a project. It is also quite useful at night to calm me and create a reflective mood that prepares me for sleep.

Alexandra U.
Contemplative Prayer is what I find most relaxing and helpful. 2nd to that would be Yogic Meditation very much like Calm but more centered in Yogic movement and breath. Thirdly would be the Calm practice of mindfulness but if anxiety or pain is really pressing then Contemplation and Yogic are always the most effective. Then would follow the Jon Zin Kabat folk types and lastly the 10% Happier types. I love to learn from them but that isn’t really Meditation though I haven’t tried Headspace yet which whom is recommended by my MD along with Calm. But there isn’t a situation where the practice of Contemplative Prayer Meditation hasn’t helped or just improved quality of life. Mindfulness if wonderful but Yoga and it’s required breathing and any meditative thought one might pair with it is more active and effective and Contemplative Prayer Meditation is a wonderful means of opening to receiving that which is a healing ointment or loving peace to our own soul.

Diane E.
I prefer guided meditation – headspace has been my appnof choice when it comes to guided meditations. Visualizations are my favorite.

Jann Y.
I don't know. I haven't meditate, except with Fabulous. For now I have only tried the focusing exercise, which is nice. I would like some guided meditation with natural sounds or binaural beats (like the ones at nap session)

Sander P.
I prefer guided meditation sessions as they help my mind stay on track. On the days where I feel more focussed and relaxed, I do a self guided meditation where I focus purely on relaxing, allowing the mind to wander and be free

M Lina W.
I practiced TM years ago and find that I go back to that frequently. But lately I’ve been using the Headspace app for the mindfulness approach.
Just even counting your breaths is good to get started.

Joan E.
I enjoy a set of mindfulness meditations, the main one is Mindful Breathing. I also do Lovingkindness meditation in the morning, and the Body Scan when I am in a challenging situation. I learned so much from the book The Mindful Day: Pra

Enora S.
Best is hard to define. I enjoy candle flame meditation, breath following, or meditation without focus (aka empty mind), depending on my mood. I'm starting to work with budist Meta meditation (compation meditation) but have not gotten the flow of it yet.

Toni U.
I do not like guided meditation. I prefer to sit comfortably and focus on my breath with some white noise or Tibetan bells or something playing through my headphones.

I also like meditation with motion. Sometimes moving makes it easier to focus.