What to do when the body itches during meditation?

Mikkel C.
To me, that could be an obsession of some sort. If you don't resist it, it will hurt you again. So, try not to pay attention to that and it will soon disappear

Jerry U.
I keep going. Try to resist and it goes after a while.

C Lestin O.
It depends how immersed in the meditation I am. If I'm focused, I can usually just move my attention away from the itch. If I'm already having trouble concentrating, I will scratch it because it's only going to make it more difficult and ruin what could have been a few moments at the very least of practice.

Silvana T.
I allow myself to itch as it keeps my mind more focused on the now then getting distracted by something I wish I could solve. I want my body to be comfortable and being able to satisfy an itch can help accomplish that.

Bernadette P.
Aim to ignore it and focus on breathing. Scratch if the itch makes it impossible to concentrate

Kaspian E.
Either recognize the thought, don't label it as good or bad, and just allow it to be there- it's ok thoughts wandered, but be aware or just scratch it and focus again after.

Fatma G.
I started doing a lot of sport recently, I lift weight and run, and spend my days more centered even in the meditation sessions. Just do sport and the inconveniences will go in the background. You can also try to just scratch, there's nothing wrong in adjusting your position or pause two seconds. The main idea is to meditate and learn to concentrate nothing says no scratching ^^. Good luck.

Gretl G.
I'll simply take care of it. Itchy body will make you diverted and gets you out of focus. So I'll take care of it and get back to my meditation routine immediately. These all could be unconscious resistance of mind to avoid focus. In any similar case I acknowledge and handle the case but will be supportive of my self (not critical) and resume the process.

Emily Q.
I try and block the itch, if that doesn't work then I scratch quickly and then I will continue to meditate.

Igor F.
Try to ignore it by concentrating on your breath. If you feel you have to do something against the itching do it and do not punish yourself for it.

Zoe J.
I believe that I can truly say that 95% of times I experience the itch and let go of the impulse or desire to scratch.

Adelaide Q.
Focus on your breathing, but if you need to itch – itch! Comfort is important!

Nikolaj C.
First, be gentle with yourself, no one has a perfect meditation practice right away! Itching, sounds, and thoughts will appear, you should just pay great attention to them, to the physical sensation that they bring here and now. 🙂 it is okay to make a subtle move to feel more comfortable as well! It'ss fine 🙂

Lenni G.
I try to just notice the outcome without reacting saying something like "itching is present" but I'd the compulsion to scratch becomes too great I itch then try to let that moment go.

Hans H T.
When I feel an itch during a meditation session, I first try to become at aware as possible on the sensation. If I am able to pinpoint the feeling and focus on it directly then the feeling will often dissolve. The challenge is that if I lose focus the sensation returns. If I'm at a beginning stage or just getting back to meditation I will just scratch so I am more free to focus on my thoughts.

Okan X.
I try to let go of the feeling of the itch, trying to let it pass and sometimes it goes. But sometimes I scratch the itch and move on.

George O.
Scratch it mindfully then return to meditating mindfully.

Rubi P.
It does not usually but if it does, then gently relaxing my breath helps, if it does not then I wait for a few seconds, still persisting I continue with the itch and then come back to my breath without any regret, remorse.

Marie W.
What I do is this no about my breathing and how my itch realates to it. Than eventually it goes away