When meditating late at night, what do you do to not fall sleep?

Joy O.
I let it flow naturally. I don’t force myself to stay awake. If I fall asleep, I let it go. But usually I stay awake because I meditate in a sitting position. Best regards! 🙂

Carl O.
To not fall asleep, i would sit on my bed and have my legs barely hanging off the bed, from the knees. Sometimes I'll sit in a chair rather than somewhere too comfy, that way I don't fall asleep.

Tristan U.
I usually leave a small light like a lamp on and keep my eyes open the slightest bit so that my brain doesn’t think it’s time for bed just yet

Allie R.
I don’t try not to fall asleep . When I meditate late at night the point for me is to fall asleep. When I’m meditating during the day I sit up where there is no backing to make sure I can’t lean on anything and fall asleep

Hermenegildo P.
Well, instead of lying down, I rather choose to sit and cross my legs, position my hands in a prayer mode and then just stay focused. Alone with my thoughts and fall in deep breath,to relax my mind and also free the body of any form of stress and tiredness…

Ryan Y.
Meditate sitting upright, and stay focused on sensations like sounds and the feel of the bed or chair underneath me. Unless I’m doing a meditation for falling asleep.

Elmides C.
I make sure I’m sitting up right and make sure my awareness is focused.. it’s easier for me when you start understanding the brain and how your awareness works. You have a system in your brain called the reticular activating system… it allows you to focus on one thing at a time… it’s a fallacy that we are good at “multitasking” it’s because of the RAS that makes this false. If you’re focused specifically on one thing everything else around your goes blank. Remember this while meditating and understanding your awareness is going to help you tremendously!

Amber B.
Unless I’m doing a nightly medication to purposely help me in sleeping, I try not to meditate laying down. Even if I am in bed, I sit up and really focus on what I’m attempting to do and not let my mind wonder off (which is really hard!!) into sleeping territory. I sit up and focus

Riley Y.
I think a good tip would be to be focused on your body and surroundings enough that you recognize when you start to fall asleep, and then change something. Move to a different position, maybe something a little uncomfortable, or change your breathing, speed it up a little, since most people’s breathing slows down as they fall asleep. Hope this was helpful

Leidemere A.
Fitst, don't make the mistake of meditating in bed. Meditate on a cushion or in a chair. Next, use a timer with multiple bells throughout the session such as the insight meditation timer app. Third, keep bringing your attention back to the object of mindfulness and stay alert so that you can catch yourself when you are drifting towards sleep. Mantra meditations or visualizations might akso be easier to stay awake for since they give your mind a task to do.

Lylou T.
When I meditate late at night, I’m winding down and give myself permission to fall asleep. I meditate with the purpose of focus and getting a fresh start in the morning and after lunch.

Marga F.
Honestly, I think if your meditating late at night, you should want to be falling asleep. Getting the mind quiet so you get good rest. If you don’t want to fall asleep, then change your time of meditating rather than struggling to stay awake.

Zilca Y.
Great question! Typically, I don’t meditate at night. However it’s apart of my morning routine. I use This app to take the time to be grateful, before bed.

Francis O.
I usually meditate sitting straight up against the wall. It takes a little longer to relax and get comfortable, but it keeps me awake and focused while I meditate.

Gesa U.
Well this may not be a great answer for you, because I meditate to fall asleep. It relaxes me and makes me want to sleep, which I what I use it for because of my insomnia. However, to not fall asleep, you could sit in a yoga position or even keep yor eyes open with a light on. Hopefully that helped you.

Mis P.
I make sure the room is a little bit cooler than comfortable or I pull off some clothes. I lay a fleece next to me in case this strategy is "too successful". If I still get touted using this strategy, then I accept I'm too tired today and go to bed. Also I make sure to start meditating earlier the next day.

Selma A.
I let myself fall asleep. If I fall asleep to meditation, I am obviously tired.

So I listen to my body and let it happen.

If possible if meditating to something I make sure it has an end orange timer so it goes off if I do fall asleep

Caroline O.
I just meditate for 10 minutes or so, or if and when I feel myself get tired and I'm in a good place,I might just let myself drift off

Lily P.
Nothing. If I fall asleep, I fall asleep. Sometimes it just can’t be helped 🙂. Morning meditation definitely helps with the sleeping issue. HTH.

Amir T.
I stay completely focused on what I am concentrating on. I am motivated to stay awake because I want to be the best I possibly can be.