If you listen to anything while you meditate, what do you listen to?

Druso A.
I listen to the birds outside and the sound of the leaves. That's why I prefer to meditate in the morning before the hustle and bustle of life and traffic starts. Natural sounds, inclusive of sunlight put me in a very meditative state.
Beatrix W.
There is an amazing app called insight timer, its free and it has a lot of guided meditations. When i want to fall asleep I listen to “yoga nidra” its specialy designed for falling asleep and body awarenes etc. When I meditate during the day I also use a guided meditation, then I Search for what I want from the meditation. For example: happieness, focus, relax, gratitude… Good luck!
April P.
I downloaded an app called headspace and it has guided and nonguided sessions. I might turn on YouTube and listen to one on there too.
Evan X.
Mostly to some chill music. I mostly use the app itself and press “launch Fabulous moment” and it gives you some chill music, or you could look up water running or whatever you like. You could also try to have someone talk while you’re meditating.
Corsino I.
When I meditate I listen to either Tara Brach (she posts meditations on her podcast), a Kundalini meditation (if I’m feeling the need for intensity), or the Fabulous meditations.
Alison E.
The recordings on here are pretty good if you want to add a focus to your meditation. Rain sounds, nature sounds, ocean sounds, etc. are nice if you're trying to tune out distracting noises. If you're looking for music, soft instrumental music with harps, xylophones, or flutes are great as well.
Divineide B.
Sometimes I turn on the nature sounds, sometimes I go with the guided meditation and sometimes I just sit in silence and listen to my own breath, observing the sounds around me 🙂
Sander A.
I listen to whatever my soul needs at the moment. Albeit guided imagery or affirmations. I like to use Insight for the best meditations at different lengths.
Cassandre T.
I love the built in sounds when you click "Fabulous Moment" but some people prefer silence. Theres a lot of good stuff on youtube too, anything similar to white noise, meditation sounds or even pineal gland activation frequencies. Hope that gives you some stuff to work with!
Bertram U.
Typically I don’t want any inputs from outside other than my own mind. But sometimes I listen to one constant sound source to help me focus – say a clock ticking at the corner of the room. Basically something that happens in regular intervals like a metronome, so your mind doesn’t have to wait for it. If I definitely need music , then I use instrumental music, rain sounds, wave sounds etc. can help initially. Find out which sound (not music per-se) works best for your mind.