What motivates you to meditate ever day?

Cris P.
It is the fact that I don’t want to fear my own mind. I want to be self aware and still able to not get sucked into a whirlwind of my own emotions. I want to exercise being present and not getting lost in the moment. It is also a good feeling, dedicating yourself a moment of undivided attention and purely investing in your own wellbeing.

Mah S.
It makes me feel awake and alert/aware of everything everything around me. It's also just nice to have the world go away for the 5-10mins I'm doing a focused breathing meditation or a body scan meditation.

Finn R.
I love how it makes me feel, light and fresh, relaxed and peaceful. I am able to focus more, listen better. I have more patience, and there's never enough! All of this I have gained by meditating twice a day. It's my most useful tool, my secret weapon. It makes everything else in my life work better, positive attitude and affirmations, creative writing, journaling, it aides all of these and more.

Anna F.
The way I can feel calm in the silence of my own mind with continuation of meditation, becoming more focused with life goals, and being relaxed in so called stressful situations.

Sheila S.
My relationships suffer because of my defensive reflex, which I may be able to improve if I can create more space between stimulus and response. I would also like to strengthen and condition my focus

Mario Z.
For me meditation is my time to recentre and block out all of the noise of the world around me. I find it extremely calming and it also has a fantastic positive effect on my anxiety, especially when I focus on my breathing. Once I have finished I also feel proud and grateful that I have taken/allowed that time for me.

Sara Z.
It's Headspace app – praising me for long strikes, tracking my friends' progress, curiosity to discover many different themed packs.
Also: benefit to my life, calm, good mood and focus

Floyd Z.
At several times in my life practicing meditation has made a big difference. I have fallen out of the practice and need to return.

Douglas F.
I feel more relaxed a start the day better. I don't meditate for hours, only a couple of minutes. It's more like being still than true meditation for now. I use Insight Timer app for over a year and you can see how many people are meditating at the same time. It's pretty cool!

Dylan J.
Feeling overwhelmed and distracted by the day motivates me to make time to meditate, find my inner peace, and work through the maelstrom of emotions in me.

Folker T.
To get control over my life, reduce stress and try to be a better version of myself. I want to meditate every day to keep my anxiety levels low and be a happier person.

Victoire T.
Instead of pressing snooze on my alarm I prefer to meditate those 15 minutes. Starts the day nicely and avoids fighting the alarm clock.

Gavin O.
I can feel the difference. I’m much more quickly agitated and stressed when I miss a day. My relationships suffer and I suffer. I’ve also noticed I don’t bite my nails as much when I’m meditating regularly.

Joey A.
I love being static, doing nothing. For once. I love focusing on things that elevate my mood, I love being present and understanding better what's going on inside of me. It makes me stronger and brings me closer to my authentic self.

Megan S.
The feeling how I feel after meditating motivates me because you can concentrate better and let your mind just relax for a bit and try not to think about anything at all