How do you mediate without feeling you’re waiting for the timer to run out?

Erik F.
I use the Headspace app so it’s guided mindfulness. I’m pregnant and I’m currently following the pregnancy course on the app. I’ve made it part of my morning routine on Fabulous to help me stick to doing it daily before I get up.
Olga I.
You don’t have to meditate with any kind of app or anything like that. You can just find some relaxing music or do it in complete silence and the goal is just to sit, breath and relax. First time you meditate you will feel no progress or change or anything, but the goal is just to take a rest, refocus on everything that’s important and to get some you time. If you are able to meditate for two minutes at the beginning, that’s good, it will slowly become easier and easier.
Constance T.
Meditate for a shorter period of time. There are different types of meditation 🧘‍♂️ and what works for some may not work for others. I suffer from insomnia sometimes. For me, the best meditation is the one right before bed where I lay on my bed and listen to zen talk and sounds. Next thing I know it's the next day and I feel refreshed and full of positivity enough to go hug somebody I loathe. A friend of mine likes to meditate during a warm bubble bath while listening to zen talk and sounds. Others can sit on the floor or narrow pillow in budda position and just concentrate without zen talk and sounds. My mind wonders around too much to be able to perform the above type of meditation in a period longer than 1 minute. Find a meditation method that works for you. 😁
Isaiah P.
Don't resist that thought that you're waiting for the timer to run out. Accept your impatience without judgement and lean into it. Why do you feel that way? Listen, then say "yeah, you're right" to yourself. The block will dissolve when you acknowledge yourself for feeling that way.
Christian P.
If thats happening then thats a thought. So doubl3 check your posture then non judgementally bring yourself back to the breath. As often and as many times as needed. Be happy that you have nervous interrupting thoughts! Noticing them is sort of the point. Just acknowledge that angsty feeling and let it go.
Rich F.
The simple, but not easy, answer is to be in the moment. Enjoy each deep breathe. The time passes whether you focus on it or not.

That's the choice you have, focus on when it might finish or focus on the meditation and process.

The first el increase torre anxiety, the second choice is the path to calm awareness.

Hertha E.
Focusing on the breath and allowing your conscious to talk to you and free you from everything unpleasent that holds you and inviting all the good energies in the process.
Lisa A.
I close my eyes, sometimes, when i feel stable, i use the available meditations in the app, when there is something that disturbs me, i'll get friendly with my problem. The more comfortable you get with your problematic sides, the less anxious you get for meditation to end. Good luck.
Vitaliano Q.
I focus on my breathing and try to focus on counting the in and out and also the feeling of the movement of the breath as it goes in and out.