How can I setup an effective meditation habit that really helps me visualizing my goals?

Walesca P.
Pick a place to meditate and set it up to be a relaxing atmosphere. Then I would recommend using a guided meditation on goal visualization.
Carrie P.
I am currently doing the 21 day meditation challenge, can he found my typing Oprah 21 day meditation. To be able to do this you must choose a time of day to complete it without fail every day. It does not have to be a specific time, more an event, for instance after your shower before you get dressed and start you day. Then you must ensure you wake up on time, which means you must sleep early enough to complete
Craig U.
Be mindful about who you want to become and what it will take to get to your goals.
Carrie Z.
Meditate for 5-10 mins first thing when you wake up in the morning and again for 5-10 mins before you go to sleep.
Alfred Z.
Meditation is about emptying your mind. If you want to meditate to visualize a goal or your goals, then you are not going to achieve the purpose of meditation.
Sotero P.
Put yourself in A quiet comfortable environment. You also need to stick with it. Do a little every day and be patient with yourself and the process until it clicks.
R My C.
Just choose ur time perfectly, means ( where, which time is best for u day or night, and ur body is comfortable or no, and last one ur mind should be clear even if not u should be try for it) I used to do it at 5 or 6 am, it’s my fav time and I love the quite time just listen to sound of nature before sounds of cars and its noise
Frederik C.
First, commit to meditation. Set aside a time each day to practice meditation.

Second, use short, guided meditations on YouTube to train your mind to be comfortable with meditation.

Third, once you're comfortable with meditation and quieting your mind, begin to visualize SPECIFIC parts to your goal.

Repeat often, hopefully daily, and forgive yourself for anything that you feel is not going well.

Meditation is a skill. So it requires mistakes and insights for your practice to grow into what you envision.

Good luck!