What’s the most important element to meditation?

Uamdao A.
Let go of your expectations. Meditation is not about gaining or scoring points. It's about learning to accept things as they are, do your best without expectations, and finally let go of everything to be truly free. If true inner peace is what you look for.
Susanna O.
The most important element of meditation is to allow the different thoughts you have to pass by, like a cloud passing in the sky. If you let Thoughts pass by without you getting attached to the thought you will reach tranquility. You see for yourself how active your brain is. Be gentle with yourself. Do not castigate yourself for your thoughts. That’s just what the brain does. Become a friend of your brain rather than getting cross or angry with yourself. Notice your thoughts and let them pass.
Jacqueline F.
The breath. When your mind wanders, go back to noticing your breath. It allows you to bring back the reason for meditating!
Edgar Z.
Self-compassion. It’s important to recognize that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ meditation – showing up for yourself and creating the space to just be is what matters.
Falk N.
To me the most important element is having a calming space whether it is your bedroom or a dedicated meditation space.. Have a spot that makes you want to meditate.
Anna G.
My mediation app is always saying not to judge when thoughts come up so for me it’s just noticing that the mind likes to wander and being ok with that & coming back to the breath or present moment.
Mark P.
I have no idea! meditation is always different I think. And I'm not that experienced in different techniques. So clearing the head. because, well for a number of reasons but you can push away intrusions. Which can make space for other manifestation elements. so I can sometimes see the blue smoke. I'm not sure if this forms itself of what. but it takes shapes like birds or fish. Then that time the x wing or what ever that was. That was sent I'm sure by the zuke. must of been because that was just after I said use the force zuke. I have meditated head clouds. Via intentions. I mean as I was meditating they were forming. I was trying to make it happen and it happened so I know it's a thing. That was via pushing the feeling out though, cant remember tbh chest mabe? I'm doing it now it flows though my palms. So sometimes I just meditate and let it flow out. That's two different elements but I'm sure the are others
Michelle N.
I’m just a beginner so for me the most important thing is being open to the experience and approaching it as a practice and not a “perfect”. I try setting my expectations aside and accept my practice as the way it should be for me.
Kayt J.
The ability to let go of all the noise, the thoughts that can be running endlessly through your head.

Taking the time to silence that noise and allow yourself to fully breath and get centered is such a wonderful gift in a world where distractions and noise are so commonplace.

It helps me focus more fully on the things that are truly important in my life.