Is it best to meditate for short 2 minute periods twice a day or a long 15 minute session instead?

Hana N.
Long 15 min session is better for me personally because it is long enough to help me process the day, my emotions and scan my body
Merline O.
I think it's totally up to you and the schedule of your day. Do what works best! I personally prefer longer periods of time, but if you like to split it into smaller sections, that's fine too 🙂 Have a nice day!!
Alice P.
Whatever it make you feel more energetic to keep going during the day. I personally enjoy meditate 5-8 minute session I don't like long session it cause me anxiety that I waste too much time so i think its better meditate twice a day for 2 minutes or 5-8 minutes in day. I hope to help you have a nice day 🌼🐚
Frederikke N.
I prefer to meditate for short 2 minute periods twice a day on days when I am busy or have a lot of work. However, on some days I like to meditate once at the end of the day for a longer session, for example 15 minutes, just to get myself relaxed and ready to sleep
Bree T.
I would say it depends you yourself, if you are relatively new or struggle to stay still for long periods of time the 2 short minute method would be a great start, but if you are experienced and really want to have that connection and unwinding your mind the 15 mintues would be the most beneficial
Fran Z.
I remember that when I started meditating, I forced myself to meditate for 10 to 20 minutes every day and it is true that sometimes your mind is willing to stay still for those long minutes, but not always, there will be days when you just want to finish your session, with this mentality it will cost you much more to stay true to your habit. So as my granny says, slowly but surely, start with even just two minutes, then continue with one more and so on until you achieve your 10-15 minute goal, just make sure you get a good handle on it before continuing.
Maxwell T.
I think it depends on how you feel. If you want just a small boost of motivation I think is better to do a short session of meditation..! If you feel down or stressed is better to do a long session to also help you relax .
Adell O.
i think everyone has different opinions and feelings. I’m more into doing a 2 minutes session every day, but when i have some time i take 10/15 minutes meditation because in that way you can feel more into the meditation and in a deep state of relaxation.
Faiza O.
I can't answer this question because it depends on your body. If your body feels relaxed with 2 minute periods twice a day then do it. And if your body feels relaxed with the long one then do that.